4 Unexpected Free Ways To Make Money Online Can Make Your Life Better

“Dream it, Believe it and Build it!"

4 Unexpected Free Ways To Make Money Online Can Make Your Life Better

Today we are talking about some freelancing platforms that can make us money without spending a single Cent. These platforms are called Upwork, People for Hour, Fiverr and Guru.

Upwork Review: We’re talking about the world’s largest online freelance platform that welcomes millions of users from around the globe, each specializing in different fields of work. Receiving payments from Upwork is simple, but the problem is that these are in US dollars, so, if you leave out the country, the conversion can lose money. TransferWise is the best solution to receive payments in USD and avoid losing money working for international clients.

Upwork is, to date, the most used freelance platform in the world. It is a site that allows you to access space with workers from more than 70 professional categories divided into additional subcategories. It works a bit like a job marketplace where companies or companies publish offers that freelancers can respond to.


But how to work with Upwork and how does the site work? Whether you’re already a proven freelancer or you want to try out experience as such, maybe before you go digital nomadic, you can access the platform for free. Following the creation of your profile, you can browse the different ads on the main page. You can send your application to the most interesting projects or those that best suit your skills. If the client accepts, a contract is launched at the end of which you receive payment for the work done.

The site is entirely in English, although there are job offers in every language. In addition, all payments are made in U.S. dollars, a significant detail for those who work in the defence of the U.S. area and are required to make the exchange. And finally, Upwork applies commissions on payments, and although at the beginning it was totally free, today to send applications you have to pay a small amount.

How to save money with TransferWise

After having seen how to work with Upwork it is natural to feel the desire to dive into the world of freelancing and start a career as a freelancer. However, it is necessary to deal with the thorny question of payments. Upwork only allows payments in dollars. 

This detail can be a potential deterrent if you are a worker who does not reside in the United States and needs to change your money. In addition, to overcome the unfavourable exchange rate applied by the platform when you transfer your earned funds to your account, you could use a service like the one offered by TransferWise.

Opening a multi-currency account on TransferWise gives you access to the bank details of a US, European, Australian, UK and New Zealand account. This way you can receive payments from Upwork to your TransferWise account without necessarily having to change currency. You can manage payments directly in dollars for free, or change your earnings into another currency using the real exchange rate applied by TransferWise. In this case, small fixed commissions are applied, which are among the most convenient available, and in any case lower than those of PayPal.

Costs and Commissions of Upwork

Considering that the registration on Upwork is free, there are fees to send your applications, and commissions on payments received. Each application includes the use of connects, credits with a cost of $0.15 each. Each project may require 2 to 6 Proposals, estimating a monthly fee of around $5 to apply for a sufficient number of job offers. You can apply for free instead of the offers received from clients. As far as Upwork commissions are concerned, these percentages are applied to the turnover with the same client:

  • 20% for the first $500
  • 10% for invoices between $500.01 and $10,000.
  • 5% if you exceed $10,000

Finally, a small fee of $0.99 is charged to transfer funds from Upwork to your bank account.

Pros and Cons of Upwork


  • Work everywhere
  • Wide choice of job offers
  • A high number of proposals every day
  • Ideal for digital nomads
  • Payment guarantee


  • Payments only in dollars
  • Commissions on payments
  • Unfavourable exchange rate
  • High competition
  • Not totally free

Of course like any other online freelance platform, Upwork has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the cons of the platform can be easily managed using the right tricks and tools. Such as TransferWise to exchange payments received with the real exchange rate. 

Surely Upwork represents one of the most trusted and used ways to embark on the digital nomadic life that many freelancers dream of.

First steps on Upwork

To access the world of online work you need to register on the platform as a first step. Once you have created your profile it is important to select the skills or competences you have wisely, choosing only those in which you are specialized. Each client, in fact, at the end of the job leaves a feedback on your profile reviewing your performance.

To find job offers you can consult the main page where the most compatible with your skills are shown. Or you can search for specific projects using the search bar. Once you have found the ideal project, you can apply. The client will make a comparison of the freelancers who have proposed themselves for the job by choosing the most suitable one. After that, the contract will be started and payments can be set up:

  • Per hour (hourly) with an hourly rate chosen by you
  • Per project, you receive payment at the end of the work 
  • With milestones, I.E. with payments released every amount of time or after completing part of the work.

How to create your profile

The personal profile on Upwork is a key element for success on the platform and an added value. It is your business card that allows you to introduce yourself to potential customers. This is why it must be well written, interesting and truthful. It is advisable to include a portfolio or examples of projects already carried out to give an overview of your skills. It is essential to have a winning and diversified profile to beat the high competition on the platform. This is a key element of any guide on how to work with Upwork in Italy.

Similar platforms

Upwork is not the only freelance online working platform, although it is the most famous and accredited. But we also have professional platforms like People for Hour or much cheaper in terms of subscription like Guru.

After consulting this comprehensive guide on how to work with Upwork you have all the information you need to start your career as a freelancer, and maybe start your digital nomadic life as many other successful workers have already done.

And to better manage your finances you can always use a secure, cheap and transparent service like TransferWise.

People per Hour Review

What sets PeoplePerHour apart from other freelance sites is its location-based targeting function. This allows buyers to hire people from their area for specific regional jobs; similarly, freelancers looking for work locally can target buyers in their area.

PeoplePerHour presents a huge platform for freelancers looking to work online. But as is customary these days, they have not been able to avoid the spam problem that is also rampant on many other freelance sites. This affects both buyers and sellers negatively. Another interesting feature is that you can manage one account as a freelancer and one as an employer at the same time. Just switch from one to the other, registering only one credit card! This is an interesting feature that saves time for both parties.

Why choose PeoplePerHour?

  • Access to the world of freelancers, as well as workers in your area.
  • Manage an account for both sales and purchase services.
  • Payments are guaranteed through Escrow and the PeoplePerHour portfolio system.

Do you wonder if PeoplePerHour is the best option to realize your project?

Almost the youngest but as good as the others. Founded in 2007, PeoplePerHour presents job and employment opportunities to people around the world. Although it offers the option of freelance contact in your area, you can work with professionals from anywhere in the world. Over 330,000 freelancers are present on this platform, people can be paid for an assignment or offer their services through promotional posts. Many candidates, particularly from India and China, post job offers at a very low price to secure the assignment, so competition is fierce.

Despite the variety of backgrounds of the PeoplePerHour population, most job offers and mini-portfolios are written in good English, which is becoming increasingly rare these days. Respecting the rules of the site, some freelancers publish self-promotional posts, which damage the overall impression of the site. However, PeoplePerHour does not seem to discourage this shameless competition.

The quality of services provided through PeoplePerHour varies a lot, depending on the type of assignment you are trying to get. PeoplePerHour is halfway between the cheap and easily available offers offered by sites like Fiverr and outsourcing giants like Guru or UpWork. Before hiring through this site you need to consider whether this is the right place for you. One thing that really makes PeoplePerHour stand out is that, unlike other similar sites that strictly forbid any direct communication between employer and freelancer, PeoplePerHour encourages personal contact. The range of jobs and professionals available through this site varies from standard IT, multimedia, writing and design categories to some completely bizarre things like a job offer for people who own grinding machines.

If you’ve dealt with other freelance websites, even before 2007, when PeoplePerHour launched the platform, you’ve probably seen it all. The scheme to create a match between employers and employees is an old classic. The employer creates an offer; potential employees send their offers with a cover letter. The employer reads the cover letter and, if interested, browses through the potential contractor’s portfolio. When and if everything is agreed, both parties create an agreement with Escrow and deposit a guarantee. Once the assignment is completed and the buyer is satisfied, the payment is released to the employee. The site survives thanks to the cost of the service. This scheme is as old as the freelancing web world itself.

The main feature of PeoplePerHour is the option to search for workers in your area. Social media integration helps to avoid scams and fraud. However, it complicates the lives of those who work under nicknames and pseudonyms. You might also want to think about integrating your Facebook account if it contains compromising images and embarrassing messages. Think about it.

It might be more professional

The dashboard interface looks like a horrible cross between LinkedIn and Twitter on steroids. The many “Me! Me! Pick me! I can do this and that and that!…” reminded us of a market full of intrusive sellers yelling at you to buy their goods. This thing is capable of driving away any serious customer. So our verdict is: the registration process is full of bugs and the interface is not attractive.

Emergencies can only occur during business hours, right?

Despite the fact that PeoplePerHour takes care of our money directly, they didn’t bother to provide a real-time support chat. There are email forms to fill out where you can describe your problem, and you have no other option but to pray for a prompt response. Actually, their response time is quite fast and usually only takes a few hours. There is a forum and a phone line. However, the latter is only accessible during the specific working hours of the location and is very expensive. If you are a start-up with a limited budget, we recommend that you opt for the email option and be patient!

Fly now, we will charge you later

For an initially free service, PeoplePerHour tends to charge exaggerated fees once assignments begin. The commission for each transaction is 3.5%, which is reasonable, although depending on the account opening date, it can be as high as 5% (excluding VAT). In any case, the commission is only charged after you have invested or earned your first £175 (equivalent to $280) in the month. PeoplePerHour insists on showing all charges, taxes and prices in sterling. This is not only an inconvenience for both buyers and sellers, but also causes both parties to incur additional bank fees for currency exchange.

  • Payment system – Escrow via your credit card and the integrated PeoplePerHour wallet.
  • Payment protection – Escrow protects the money of both parties participating in the offer.

After registering your credit card in the system, your money is safe inside the PeoplePerHour wallet. Afterwards, you can quickly deposit and withdraw funds through the site. Thanks to Escrow, you can rest assured, your money will not disappear without a trace. But it means that without an initial deposit into your PeoplePerHour account, you can neither hire nor work.

Fiverr Review

Fiverr is a website where you can buy and sell and services, in jargon gigs, from 5 dollars. The system is simple, anyone can register without any requirement to prove their skills or experience, the only form of guarantee on the goodness of the service provided are the reviews written by other users.

Those who buy, love Fiverr because they can get what they are looking for quickly and cheaply, there are no great risks and over time it is easy to find professionals with whom to develop continuous and profitable relationships.

Sellers offer their gigs for a limited amount of money but they can increase their earnings by selling extra services.

How do I get started?

The first step is to open an account, all you need is a name, an email address, a password and you’re done. The second is to decide what you want to do, buy or sell?

If you want to buy gigs just browse the site, only in English, and choose the ones you want based on the search or, more commonly, through the various categories:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translations
  • Video & Animations
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Advertising
  • Business

Positive factors of Fiverr

  • A simple, direct and intuitive site, easy to navigate and use
  • An easy and clear concept to understand
  • An active community with a support forum
  • Earn money by doing what you want
  • Save hundreds of dollars for the same work entrusted to professionals through other channels

Negative factors of Fiverr

A commission of 20% on each gig sold, a very high percentage if compared to other similar services but partially justified by the potential offered by the growing number of users buyers Limited payment methods, mainly with Paypal.

Payment at 14 days

Difficulty to be visible on Fiverr: particularly if the service offered is in a very popular category; the algorithm that allows you to get to the front page seems to depend on a combination of the seller’s activity and his ability to present himself, collect orders and positive reviews. 

A tip on Fiverr gigs

As in any site where you can find work performance you need to pay close attention to what you buy. For example, if you buy return links on Fiverr in order to improve indexing on Google and search engines it is guaranteed that 90% will have the opposite effect.

And if someone sells a beautiful photograph, too beautiful to be true, you can bet that it has been “taken” from some site and is covered by copyright. The important thing is to always check and find out about it.

The danger if you can define it that way, especially at the beginning, is to get lost in the gigs looking for the strangest and most unusual ones, research that can take several hours and that ends in a great waste of time.

What services can I use Fiverr for?

The choice is subjective, below are 3 ideas for those who have a web presence:

  • Creation of logos

If the intention is to give an image to a big company it’s not, perhaps, a good idea to rely on those who create a logo for 5 dollars but if you are launching a new website then creating a brand for that amount of money is certainly helpful. Also here the advice of before, ask for the rights for the work purchased so as not to run the risk of using a logo that belongs to someone else.

  • Video advertising

30 to 100 words or more to present a product, service or anything else that needs a stronger promotion and has a better chance of being remembered. Simple users with a home-made equipment and semi-professional actors with a real recording studio are available to realize

  • Audio recordings

Those who manage, or would like to start, a podcast service could take advantage of Fiverr to find some freelancers to make a professional intro; this means searching for a suitable jingle or users with a catchy voice that will be a stimulus to listen to the audio

  • Tips for finding the best Fiverr gigs

Always consider the extras that can increase the final cost but, at the same time, increase the quality and final yield. Check the delivery date of the gig, you may need a service immediately when you realize that the order will be processed in a week.


  • Always contact the seller before ordering, ask all the necessary questions and make sure he can do what he offers.
  • Search well, read reviews, watch any demos offered, save everything in favorites and make a considered choice.
  • Always leave a review at your purchase, try to give a judgment outside the usual schemes; on Fiverr is fashionable the phrase outstanding experience, or an extraordinary experience to describe a positive judgment. The advice is to always motivate the review, whether negative or positive, to allow the seller to take due credit or to know his flaws.
  • Avoid fakes, don’t pay someone to present themselves as your customer who gives a testimony about your person, your company, your product or service; it’s not a matter of ethics, it’s more a matter of seriousness.

In conclusion, Fiverr is a valid marketplace dedicated to freelancers and ordinary people who are given full freedom to sell what they want and, with due caution, both sellers and buyers can do good business.

Guru Review

Guru is a huge platform for freelancers, which is aimed at professionals of a certain target rather than beginners. You may notice that Guru’s costs are substantially higher than the rest of the market. However, the site offers all the tools and functionality to facilitate the completion of an assignment and ensure the highest quality of commissioned work. The wide choice of freelancers and the simple search function of the platform will allow you to match your project with the most qualified freelancer.

Why choose Guru?

Do you wonder if Guru is the best option to realize your project? High costs keep the low skilled people away.
He has all the tools you need to successfully expand your freelancer team.

Freelancers cross borders

Guru reaches the whole world and includes members from the UK to Australia. The only drawback is the heavy expenses and fees required to join this impressive company. It makes no difference whether you are satisfied with the services or not, so this is a disadvantage for low level users looking to do business on this site.

Guru includes people from all over the world

You can choose freelancers from the United States, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. However, some candidates from China, India or the Philippines are low-skilled and overly intrusive. This has damaged many employers, who avoid hiring freelancers from these countries, although their quotations are very competitive in the market. Each new proposal for your project may or may not be the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration.

Guru is a very well made tool, which guarantees high quality to both parties of the freelancer/employer contract. Guru has been on the market for more than 10 years, proving to be the top of the business in providing a wide range of freelance services and acting as a responsible mediator between clients and employees.

A touch of humour and personality to make it happen

Guru’s layout is clean and navigation is intuitive until you run into his blog. In this area, Guru could use some plastic surgery and reorganize the structure and tags. This crucial source of valuable information is not easy to navigate. The search functions are simply amazing and allow you to easily browse and filter job ads and freelance profiles.

Guru adds a touch of humor and a hint of fun to the whole experience. The latter is enjoyable as long as you are charged heavy commissions on each transaction. The smiling faces that appear when you fill out the registration forms may sometimes look out of place, but they are harmless.

Poor support

The Guru Help Center does not have live chat or a phone line, but the “Answers” board and the extensive FAQ section, as well as the email-based ticket system should be able to help you with any questions. In essence, its FAQs combined with the blog are an extremely detailed tool that can help you in everything, even if it’s the second time you set foot on the web. If this is your very first time online, the “Answers” will help you.

Summing Up

  • Brilliant FAQ divided into customer-specific sections
  • Email Assistance
  • No live chat
  • No telephone assistance

This is where it all gets very complicated

Unless you are an expert in mathematics or statistics, you may have difficulty distinguishing service and dues deducted from your employer’s payment each time a payment is made. There are three types of accounts with monthly fees, depending on the industry you work in. If you pay in bulk you get a 20% discount.

Basically we have:

  • Payment system – credit card or PayPal
  • Payment protection – Guru-specific SafePay system requiring further registration and verification
  • Payment Disputes – Mediation and arbitration available only to registered SafePay users who initially attempted to settle the dispute on their own also only if the amount involved is not less than $25

Depending on your membership type and level based on Guru asset feedback, you pay 2.95% per transaction + 4.5% -11.95% per monetary transaction. This percentage system can be a bit complex to understand, but the FAQ section provides in-depth answers to most questions.

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      Hi Lizzy, Unfortunately, they are not totally free in the end. But they are legit programs to make money online easily (if you have the right skills, of course.) 

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