Affiliate Autobot Review

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Affiliate Autobot Review

Affiliate Autobot is a program that enables its user to earn revenues by placing links on the website, which advertise a range of products on the site; this revenue generated through clicks made by the user when browsing through a website. Affiliate Autobot has inbuilt software which generates automatic adverts banner for products provided. Nowadays, most e-commerce websites have integrated the use of affiliates Autobot to freely promote adverts, for example, in amazon, Click bank, and JVZoo, where people have earned thousands of bucks from being affiliates in these sites.

Affiliate Bot System

The affiliate bot was system was designed and launched by Chris x, an internet marketer who has made a fortune from this online system through sites like amazon Google, Facebook, and YouTube by promoting these sites, which are fully automated to perform its operations. The system was later sold and made ready for marketing, which has seen the influx of this system being used by many affiliates for revenue generation through promoting adverts.

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Various type of affiliate bot used in marketing nowadays:

  • Affiliate ads that are used to create a banner for multiple adverts Clickbank affiliate program.
  • Christmas affiliate bot showcases the top-selling Christmas products.
  • King of the Zon tool which is used to search the top-selling products on the Amazon site
  • Domainveli which is used to provide domain names
  • Rapid video Creator tool that automatically creates YouTube videos for buyer’s keyword in I minute
  • Launch pulse shows products offered in Clickbank JV and warrior plus
  • Auto mail software is automated to respond, build, and send unlimited mails
  • IMAAffiliate bot used to show profitable and appropriate marketing in the internet marketing world
  • How affiliate bot system works

The following are steps used to explain how the affiliate bot works.

Step 1: Get the best affiliate programmer to promote, as this stage is very crucial and vital to help one market their products online, i.e., King of the Zon tool which is used to search the top-selling products on the Amazon site, Domainveli which is used to provide domain names Click Affiliate Software -It has many pre-loaded HTML templates. The templates have been proved to earn the maximum cash you need!

Step 2: Creating a website that is done by this software; one-click video creator tool – which makes videos for you converting video websites. You can always customize the videos in second’s domain level, which is used to provide domain names.  

Step 3: Time to get free traffic and earn commissions by watching YouTube uploaded the video to earn by attracting traffics on your website

Affiliate Bots Pros and Cons

The affiliate autobot review may seem to be useful, but also it has its disadvantages and advantage as follows:


  • It is easier to use since no much experience is needed to operate, and no qualification is required, such as academic age, as anyone can become an affiliate marketer.
  • No need of owning property to make money online as it only needs promotion of other products, when visitors visit the website to buy products and services of other business you get a commission which will automatically be credited to your account
  • No shipping fee is needed as it is taken care for by owners of the company, as you only make purchases online
  • During the recording of products transaction, no need to worry about the payment process as the business owners take care of the responsibility
  • It is flexible as it diversified into many categories to fit its customers need for example pay per click which the affiliate gets a commission on the percentage users directly linked to the website 
  • Has ready-made audience as you don’t need to generate the required traffic online for your ads as there are already established customers by active sites such as Amazon which provides a substantial market for products and services
  • Multiple revenue streams -implies that most affiliate marketers can use this marketing strategy in multiples sites thus generating more income as there is no limit
  • The investments are a guarantee that money-making is within a span of a short time, e.g., 1-2months


Not beginner-friendly: It is not beginner-friendly for since there is information overload when using the software for the first time as it needs guidance on its operation, no training on how to use the tools

No established customer bases: When visitors, buyers purchase as directed to the website you don’t see them personally thus lacking your customer base and experience

Unreasonable commission: Nowadays most affiliates impose substantial transaction fee which would scare away investors, clients, and customers which is inappropriate for the business world and internet marketing, thus the members end up getting a low commission which is a hindrance to their operations carried in the websites

Seasoned income: Most of the affiliate software and program don’t have massive traffic daily; traffic may be generated one day to sell their products in a whole month. That is why it is recommended to check peak periods in sale for one to invest their money accordingly

Fraudsters: Nowadays due to advanced internet technology hackers and fraudster are on the rise, one common fraud one might incur are cookie stuffing which involves secretly dropping affiliates cookies which have customers information without their knowledge in a computer which is used to swindle money into their account.

Stiff Competition: In every field, there is competition, thus for an affiliate to succeed, he/she must behave the right skills to stand out from the rest .if one cannot withstand the intense competition of the market, he/she may knock out of the market. That is why everyone should start easy and go pro slowly by studying its market.

False advertising: It is a result of greedy and fast income where affiliates may tamper with the branding, cost of products and service or even market non-existing products and their features which ruin many brand reputations which harmful in the marketing world


Affiliate Autobot has made it easier to make money online in a legal manner; it is an outstanding marketing tool that is widely used nowadays over the internet to attract customers who are shopping online. The affiliate Autobot also need hard work effort and dedication to be successful in the online business.

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