Cash Blurbs Review

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Cash Blurbs Review


Nor a day’s internet has become a necessity. It is like the life of millions will stop without internet. With the increase of the use, there is a whole other world online. This world provides a different kind of market to the users. It is beneficial for the merchants as well as the visitors. There are a lot of portals who are helping online marketing. Cash Blurb is one of those websites who are giving the opportunity of getting more traffic on your site. Like affiliate marketing this product is also very interesting. Marketing is an art and the most useful tool to flourish your business. Noe online marketing is also very useful tool. For many brands and companies there is a need of online marketing for their product. Cash Blurb helps you in this aspect. It will also be helpful for affiliate marketing. It will increase the ratio of visitors which can lead to more income. If you are also thinking about sharing your ads and also increasing your traffic. Cash Blurb is the site for you to go.

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How does it work?

To get started with the system of Cash Blurb, you have to post their advertisement on your page. When you have completed this step it is then you can post your add on their page. When you will open the website it will show hundreds of ads on the page. You can also enter in that category by just posting their ad first. It works on the principle of social traffic forwarding system. In this you will get traffic by just appearing on their home page.

How will it increase traffic?

When you post your ad on the homepage of Cash Blurb it will enter you in their system which will direct the traffic. It will also help boost the traffic when some with thousands of the followers will post your ad on their page. It is not known clearly how it will attract more traffic when the ids made on it are fake. There are also legit people but the ratio is small.

Cot of using this website

This websites provides help with economical packages. The membership is of two types:

  • Free membership
  • Unlimited membership

In free membership you are allowed to post 1 ad per day or if they give you a promotion it could be 10 free ads per day.

The unlimited membership gives you the opportunity to post 1 ad every 20 mins. And it costs 20 $ per month.

A third method is also available there which is called instant traffic package and it costs 7 $ at starting. This package allows posting 72 ads for 15 days. This package lasts for a month and then it can shift to 20 $ per month.

How to understand the method to use it

On signing up you will be guided to the reference videos which will help you understand how it actually works. It will guide you step by step. It will clear all the terms and also the reason of their web portal. They provide very helpful and easy guidelines. The guideline also provides you the bonus tip to Featured Blurb. In this you can get maximum advantage. You can get triple traffic towards you portal. But there is a catch that you have to watch a 10 seconds ad every time you post an ad.

Pros and Cons

Where there are benefits sometimes there are harmful effects of one thing. It does not matter who or what it is, there are pros and cons related to it. You take it under consideration to think about the pros and cons before opting for it.

Pros of the product

  • 60 days cashback guaranteed
  • Wide-span of platform
  • No risk
  • Easily understandable
  • Audio video training and help
  • It enhances the traffic on your web page
  • No extra emails from the company
  • Free member ship
  • Cheap versions available
  • Help and support system available

Cons of the product

The ads that pop up on the home page are related to no real person. When they are clicked on there is no real person found behind which shows that they are just part of fraudulent ads.

  • It is not clear how it will increase the traffic when the ids are fake there.
  • The so called 100 % guarantee of triple traffic seems fake.
  • The free membership keeps you limited. Thus you will end up giving them money.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q1: How can I use it?
  • A: Just sign in the free membership and post our ad on your account then you can start giving ad on the Blurb
  • Q2: How much beneficial is it?
  • A: It will help boost the traffic towards your website.
  • Q3: why should I choose this portal?
  • A: It is the safest and guaranteed pay back portal. You can also enjoy triple traffic on low price of 20 $.


I would say that it is the need of the hour to stay on the top. To do so you have to take leaps. Cash Blurb will allow you to have a safe portal to enter and get benefits. But it is also highly advisable to take heed and think about the fake ids found on the page. The promise of the traffic seems too good to be true. It will take time to use it. It is up to the user to find if it can benefit him or not. The use of the site is not the same for everyone. The premium and the featured Blurb may be useful. The free membership will not benefit as much. It is not a sustainable portal for the ads. Though it is legit it requires a lot of work. There are many other portals to choose but there is a plus point of cheap rates on this site.

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