Commission Hero Reviews

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Commission Hero Reviews

Robby Blanchard had several problems with his fitness gym as he was unable to keep the profits coming in. The problems were so dire at some point that he found it difficult to feed himself sometime back. This prompted Robby to get into promoting his gym online with Facebook Ads which turned his gym into a success and helped him maintain his living. After the success of his gym promotion effort, Robby went a step further and created Commission Hero which he claims is one of the fastest ways to make it in the online advertising marketplace. Commission Hero promises its users who do not need any prior experience at least $1000 per day! This seems to be an online profit system that is too good to be true, but there are indications from users of the strategy that it really works and can give way more than just a thousand bucks. Another addition to the myriad of online profit strategies, Commission Hero seems to be a good strategy to earn a better passive income stream. Commission Hero makes use of Facebook to market products which can maximize profits for the advertiser. It is one of the advertising platforms available on ClickBank, which is a marketing hub which promotes joint online business success.

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Why All the Hype Surrounding Commission Hero

Commission Hero gives you a step-wise approach to getting more sales and popularity for your product with the use of Facebook Ads, but these strategies can also be applied elsewhere to provide consistent results. Another benefit of Commission Review is that there are no hidden charges in the program after your subscription. This is one of the issues online marketing trainees regularly face with other platforms. Some may tell you that the program is absolutely cheap only for you to later find out that you cannot possibly meet the financial requirements for registration to get access to the real tools. This puts Commission Hero in a select class of honest digital marketing platforms where you get access through the first time payment and that’s all. Through the creation of Commission Hero and its resounding success, Robby Blanchard has become widely known in the online marketplace as the number one ClickBank affiliate on the planet. This could be entirely true as Blanchard regularly posts his profits from Commission Hero, and it is evident that he makes tens of thousands of US dollars per day! This is mind-boggling but you have to understand that he founded the platform and knows a lot of things to do to keep the profits rolling in. This is one of the reasons why you should pay attention to the Commission Hero program.

The Bolts and Nuts

The crux of the Commission Hero platform is to educate users on how to get access to the products of others through a chain of the affiliate, and these products you promote and sell are what give you the income stream from Commission Hero. Commission Hero uses Facebook as a promotion platform but it is a fact that it isn’t totally dependent on it. One of my observations is that the Facebook Ads platform is recommended and used in teaching through the Commission  

Hero training because it worked and still works for Robby Blanchard. Although the platform doesn’t pay for your Facebook Ads from the onset of your business venture, you are extensively taught how to use it to your advantage. In the Commission Hero platform, you are taught everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. Commission Hero also teaches how to find the right offers on ClickBank and other web affiliate marketing platforms with a view to getting more traffic for your digital adverts. Since advertising is involved, the necessity of good image content for your ad can’t be overstated. This is why Commission Hero provides information on what the images in your advert should/shouldn’t contain. This platform also recommends Fiverr as the best source for getting good graphic designs for your web advert content, although other designing platforms are available.

Another good side of Commission Hero is that apart from the training you receive on how to get your ads more attention on Facebook and other platforms, you are also paid a commission if you can recommend the platform to other people. Commission Hero also trains you on how to build your digital marketing campaign to enable you to decipher the campaign to adopt and the one you need to ditch. Being selective to your business venture approach in the digital world is most vital among other things you need to consider, and Commission Hero reiterates this fact.

There are a lot of good stuff which accompany this platform as we’ve seen but the issue subscribers may likely have is the time spent and the extra money you may have used for online campaigns before you finally get that big break. If you are starting off and requires some traffic to boost your ad campaign, you should make provisions for paid traffic as it is possible for it to accelerate your access to profit from Commission Hero.


Commission Hero is proven to deliver on its promises; your access to the delivered promises solely depends on you and how much attention you are ready to give in developing your affiliate marketing skills. Digital marketing has a lot of scammers in disguise who promise you “success” and “the life of your dreams”, but Commission Hero isn’t among this online registration fee sharks. The interface helps you to track your progress and you’re informed of everything you have to give for the platform to bring you profits from the get-go. This pushes Commission Hero up in the get rich quick schemes that are currently legit on the internet and you should take advantage and join today. The course offered only requires a one-time or instalment payment of $997.

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