How to do SEO for Website – Similarweb Review

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How to do SEO for Website – Similarweb Review

With the internet, there are more opportunities to establish your business online. There are thousands and billions of websites that offer pieces of advice, blogs, market their services and products. With the huge amount of websites that exist on the internet, there is also an increase in competition. All the website are fighting to be the number one in the search result of any search engines.

Search engines rely on their bots, also known as the crawlers to rate the content of the website. Each of the search engines has its own algorithm and parameters to define the quality of the website and the placement of the website itself, but the question now is: How to do SEO for Website?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO counts anything that is on your site and off your site. In fact, 75% of the SEO happened in the back of the site instead of on-site. Feeling overwhelmed? Do not worry! We have compiled the step by step guide to improve your website’s SEO:

Website structure

Your website structure is very important. Not only that it is important for your SEO, but it is also important for your visitors. There is a poll that suggested the most website that is able to convert people to actually purchase their product also has a clean, smarter look. The rule of thumb is that ‘three clicks’ rule. Your audience should be able to find the information that they are searching for not more than three clicks.

Search engines go through the link structure of your website and then index your page. The more your site is well structured, the more it is easier for the engine bots or crawlers to find and index it.


You need to select the right URL. It is also known as your domain name, it is an address that visitors will type in to find your site. The reason why it is very important is that it is one of the first things that your audience would see when they visited their site. That is also the reason why Google looks to understand what your site is about and decide how to rank it.

Your website URL should be clean and beautiful. This means that there is no special character, no hashtags, and no page id. Instead of using underscores in your URL, opt to use hyphens instead. Include the name of your website name and perhaps a keyword or two that are relevant to your business.

Title tag

Your title tag is very important for google’s crawlers. Title tags are wonderful for engine bots. It helps the engine bots to define what your content is all about. Treat your title tag as a place where you have to be able to put the focal point of your post, in one short sentence.

There will be many places your title tag will appear such as SERP, social media, external pages, and browsers. Design your title tag to be short, catchy, and original to attract the audience to visit your page.

Anchor text

Anchor text, link label, link text, or link title is the visible clickable text in a hyperlink. This link can help your audience, or visitors to go to another part of your page or to go to another’s website. As you design and write your website, you should use anchor text within your site.

Effective anchor text should be able to help users to navigate your websites and find what they are really looking for. It should include keywords, phrases that are related to what your website is all about, and what you are trying to communicate to your audience. It is an effective way to boost your SEO. However, you should remember that if you use excessive links or anchor text that does not help your readers can raise alarm to google bots and result in the reduce of your rank.

ALT attributes

One thing that you should remember that their bots are not able to read images. They are very good at reading text on your website, however. To be able to help the bots understand what is displayed in a photo or a graphic, search engines look for ALT texts instead. This is the reason why a concise written description is needed for each image on your website.

When you are writing your ALT text, ensure that you accurately describe the images that you have attached. You should add the name of your business or a few keywords related to the website, or business that you do.


Your post is the most important element of your website. The better quality that you put to your posts, the better it will be. You should have planned a content strategy before you start posting. When you do, post on a regular basis. This is the focal point that google bots searched when they comb through your website.

Similarweb Review

Once you started posting, then you can use online web analytics services. These companies your various types of reports. For example, Similarweb pro. It delivers various reports across multiple platforms. They stream about any site or mobile status. They also give report on bounce rate and the time that users spend on your website or another website. In this way, you will be able to know how a similar type of audience responds and behaves on your competitor’s website as well.

It is very useful especially if you want to get to know how your site is doing, and what you are supposed to do to improve your website performance. Their report is easy to understand and does not leave you feeling overwhelmed. It gives you a comprehensive look at your niche segment. The only downside of the Similarweb is that comparable to other web analytics services, there might be not much data that is provided.

P.S. I know facts and statistics can be fascinating so Nick from ¨Broadband Search¨ recently updated one of their articles with all the latest internet statistics for 2020. Here’s the link.

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