How to do SEO for Wordpress – SEMrush Review

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How to do SEO for WordPress – SEMrush Review

With our world more connected through the internet, there is plenty of opportunities that are available for people. One of them is making blogs. A blog is first dedicated as an online journal, a place where people would be able to write their thoughts. As it progressed, blogs are now an online opportunity as well. Famous blogs are now capitalized and can become a revenue source for the writer or the owner of the blog.

Your next question is probably how to do SEO for WordPress and how to increase and capitalize it? WordPress is essentially a website that hosts free or builds a blog. To increase and capitalize on your WordPress, you have to increase the SEO.

As we all know, the internet relies heavily on search engines. SEO is an organic way to increase your search ranking. Basically, every search engine has its own algorithm and parameters in determining the rank of your blog or any content that you put online. SEO has changed a lot and will not stop changing.

A site that has a high ranking of search engine optimization has greater visibility and the best chance at increased traffic. It also appears as more credible and trustworthy. The more you have a higher rank in SEO, the more you will be able to get traffic to visit your website.

Below are the tips to increase your SEO for your WordPress:


You need to choose your hosting provider carefully. Picking a host is essential for SEO. Your host will be able to affect the amount of downtime your site experiences and the physical distance between visitors and servers. Both are factors that determine your ranking.

Not to mention that it is annoying to visit a site that loads slowly. It is essential if you want to keep the visitors or increase the foot traffic to your website. When this happens, you can contact your WebHost and present a question to them. However, if they fail to provide you with a specific and detailed answer it is better you change your host.

Theme and layout

You might be familiar with themes that are available in WordPress. There are many themes that are free or even paid ones. Your theme is one of the most important choices that you have to make after you decided to make your own WordPress. It determines your site’s appearance and layout, can provide new functionality.

Not to mention that according to a poll, people prefer to have a clean looking theme site. Ensure that your theme is suitable for your visitors and makes it easier to navigate through. The codes that are put to your WordPress’ theme determine your SEO ranking as well. The cleaner it is the higher rank that you will have.


Permalinks are the URLs of your website pages and posts. In layman’s language, they are what users use in their address bars to reach to your website and view the relevant page. Not only that they are connecting you and your audience, they are also used by other websites and search engines to link to your website.

WordPress automatically comes with a default permalink settings to allow you to change them according to your convenience and needs. All the settings can be found in the permalink tabs in your setting option.

SEMrush Review

There are many companies that allow you to understand your competitors and your ranking in google. SEMrush is one of them. It is much more a premium option to increase your SEO organically. It has been widely used by a lot of marketers to increase the number of SEO.

They present a very complete set of data. SEMrush makes a comprehensive report and analytics which you can get insights into your competitor’s strategies whether it be their display advertising, organic and paid search of their link building. They also include backlinks and their google Adwords.

With this data, you will be able to know how your competitor is doing, and you can estimate how much they spend on google ads.

They also provide SEM keyword magic tools that cover keyword analysis, volume and suggested keywords. By understanding this, you will be able to learn and write more about various related keywords to generate more traffic and traffic conversion to your site.

Although the data that are presented can be a little bit cumbersome, it is a very good way to get to know and measure how your site is really doing.

Create a sitemap

A sitemap is a list of all the pages and other content on your website. It is usually organized into a hierarchy and provides a quick way to see how your site is being laid out and what it includes. Their primary function is to communicate information to search engine bot.

By adding a sitemap to your website, it enables the engine bot to see all of your pages and understand the relation of them to one or another. This makes it easier for the search engine to rank your website, and to present the relevant content when user’s the search for a particular topic.

Heading tags

One of the wonderful things about WordPress is the usage of hashtags. Start using heading tags on your posts. While sitemap is useful for helping search engine bots see how your website is organized, heading tags will be able to help them sense the individual content.

In WordPress, there are headings that you can apply to your blog post. Use them. By using them, you provide visual benefits for your readers. As for the engine bots, it allows them to understand how your page is organized and what is that post is about. That is the reason why engine bots pay a lot of attention to the header tags.

If you use this consistently, you will be able to increase your page ranks in no time.

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