How to do SEO on Google – Pros and Cons

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How to do SEO on Google – Pros and Cons

In this article let’s talk about how to do SEO on Google – Pros and Cons. There are many benefits to search engine optimization and not so many detriments. The SEO pros and cons are as follows, as Pros we have:

  1. Increased quality, targeted traffic to your site.
  2. Increased sales which help improve your bottom line
  3. Higher search engine ranking
  4. You gain the knowledge you need to stay at the top of the search engine results pages.
  5. Eventually, if you keep doing the right things, your site will be considered an authority site by human visitors as well as the search engines.

The cons can include:

  1. Having to spend the money on training. It can get quite expensive and you just never know if the information you are getting is as reliable as it could be.
  2. SEO information is always changing so much so that, to keep up, you need to continually be “in the know” and update your training frequently.

Hard Work is Very Important!

Do yourself a favour and take some time to learn the latest techniques and methods of search engine optimization as inexpensively as possible. There are resources out there that you can access for free that will teach you what you need to know.

Just do your homework and make sure that you do not do anything that the search engines will not like. Things that search engines do not like are keyword stuffing, invisible text, and doorway pages, among others. Sure these techniques and tactics may initially gain you some ground in the search engine results pages but soon you will be discovered and penalized for your efforts and maybe even banned from ever being able to get on the search engines again.

Most of what is considered “black hat” these days used to be the ways things were done but, as usual, someone somewhere had to ruin it all for everyone else by abusing the system so now these things are not tolerated by the search engines at all. It is your best bet to learn as much as you can about the “white hat” techniques and use them all to your advantage. This will be better in the long run because it will not lead to your getting booted from the search engines at all.

Increase your Rankings

All it will do is increase your rankings and your business will profit from it. When you continually do things the way they are supposed to be done, you get rewarded. There are many ways to get your training in optimizing your website. You can learn on your own and initiate the things you learn as you go. This can be time-consuming but in the long run, the information you learn will be with you forever.

You could buy a training course online and learn at your own pace or you can hire someone to teach you first-hand how to do the things you need to do. Lastly, you could just go ahead and hire someone to take on all of the SEO pros and cons and do it all for you if you do not think you have the time or the inclination to do it yourself.

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Some Tips about Internet Marketing Job

Years ago the thought of working online was absurd, everyone went to college, got a degree, and worked a typical nine to five job. Most people still do this, however, some people branch out and utilize the web to it’s fullest potential. Even today (although not as much) people are still criticized for doing this. There are still those who feel the internet is not the way to go.

Well, all I have to say to those people is that, simply put, they are wrong. Facts are facts and thousands of people sustain very decent lifestyles due to their internet marketing jobs. They put in way fewer hours than most people yet earn way more than most people. They have the freedom to do what they want in life, a freedom a lot of people do not experience despite going to college and getting that degree.

You can Always Start…

If you are sick of your job and are looking for something new, something better, then look towards the internet. Starting up your own online business is quite cheap if you put in the effort and do the work yourself, and in the end, it can give you a lot of money. If you are interested in starting up your own online business, the first real thing you should know is that it will not happen overnight. So many people go into it thinking their internet marketing jobs will pay off in a week and they can go live the lifestyle they want. These misconceptions cause them to lose hope when it takes a while and they give up.

Online or not, this is still a business and you need to treat it as such. You need to put in dedicated hours every single day where you just sit down and work. When building your business, it is much of what you have already experienced. It is a lot of hard work for a long time. You need to remind yourself that the advantage comes after you build it up. Internet businesses are time-consuming and hard to set up, but once you get them up and are getting visitors to your website, it is pretty easy to maintain. If you acknowledge all of this and still want to continue, then congratulations because you have already gone further then most people.

… make sure your website looks nice and professional

The very first thing you should do when looking into getting internet marketing jobs is to figure out what exactly you plan to do. Whether it be selling products or services, and figuring out what products or services then you can move onto setting up your website. You can outsource your website creation to a professional for some money, or you can do it all yourself and only pay for the domain name. Whichever you choose, make sure your website looks nice and professional.

The final major step, after you get your website set up, is to market it. You need people to see your website, see your product, that way they can buy it. Again, you can either outsource this or do it yourself depending on your financial situation, or whether you feel like doing it or not. If you can put in the time and effort, and be patient, you can see some real returns in several months.

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