How to Work from Home and Make Money Online – Some Tips

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How to Work from Home and Make Money Online – Some Tips

The most important aspect of marketing online is learning how to maintain your SEO so you can continue to hold on to your high ranking on the search engines. If you are new to the idea of internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization, let’s go over what it all means. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing technique used by online business owners to increase the flow of organic traffic (visitors) to their website by ranking high on the search engine result pages, or SERPs.

The Importance to be on the TOP

The majority of searchers rarely look beyond the first few results on page one. If you are not in the top five results on page one of the results pages you could be losing a lot of business. This is because searchers perceive the first five to ten results on page one of the results pages to be the most trustworthy and the authority in their field, therefore, they get the searchers business.

They may be called searchers but that is only a term, not a lifestyle. People want to find what they want quickly they really do not want to have to “search” for it like in a scavenger hunt. The reason it is so important to use Search Engine Optimization is for the benefits it can bring you, as the business owner. If you maintain your SEO and use the techniques like article writing, backlinking, and social media marketing to their fullest you should have a well-rounded marketing plan that works well for you.

All of these together should make the search engines like you and want to rank you among the highest on the results pages. The social media marketing may end up costing you some money but the others are free unless you need to hire someone to do them for you and drive traffic to your site naturally.

Post Relevant Content

As long as you stay within the guidelines set forth by the search engines and continue to post relevant content on your site you should be just fine. This is all referred to as “white hat” techniques. As the search engines continue to send out their spiders to crawl around on websites to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and doing it right you will be able to enjoy spending time at the top of the results pages for the long term.

So, How to Work from Home and Make Money Online once you reach the top? You cannot just sit on your laurels and expect to stay there. It is a continual battle to remain there. Never stop doing keyword research and never stop posting relevant content on your site and with your backlinking. The search engines love relevant content so, by maintaining your site with relevant content you give them what they love and they do not leave your site wanting more and they will reward you with a high ranking.

Marketing A SEO Business – Don’t Make Five Common Mistakes

In marketing a SEO business you need to make certain promises to the customers you find. These promises include helping them improve their overall layout and presentation on their website. There are five mistakes that business owners make that you could fix by marketing a SEO business. The five most common mistakes that business owners make are as follows:

  1. Poor website design – Visitors to a website site need to be able to find what they are looking for in a timely manner. If not then they will just find someone else to do business with. Websites must be user-friendly and search engine friendly to be successful.
  2. Lack of visibility – Business owners do not use the specific keywords and phrases in the content they place on their website that they need to let potential customers find them. If they are invisible to the online world their business will not be a success.
  3. Lack of quality content – Quality, written content is the best way to draw visitors and search engine spiders to a site to increase search engine rankings. This means that the content must be updated regularly and be relevant to the product, service, or niche it is supposed to be associated with.
  4. Use of “black hat” tactics – Black Hat techniques include techniques that are unethical and frowned upon by search engine spiders. These techniques include keyword stuffing, doorway pages, invisible text, and more.

Black hat tactics will raise your site ranking, but only temporarily. The search engine spiders have become very adept at detecting the use of such tactics and will eventually penalize you for using them.

Incorrect use of Meta Tags

Meta tags include title tags, keyword tags, and description tags. While not as important as keywords and the content included on a website for optimization, meta tags do have their place in the optimization of a website. Using meta tags correctly let the spiders learn all about the website when they get to it so they can see that the site is legitimate and relevant. Meta tags must be included on and targeted for every single page of a website.

If you target customers who are lacking the knowledge to successfully execute their websites efficiently then you will have no problem increasing your bottom line as well as your customer’s. Be certain you know what you are doing and make sure you talk to your customers first so you know exactly where the problems lie. Fixing someone else’s problems can be quite profitable if done correctly.

Whether or not you guarantee results is up to you but, if you do, you better deliver. With your very first customer, you will have their livelihood in your hands and they are counting on you to make things better and increase their search engine rankings AND their bottom line. Do everything in your power not to let them down.

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