Is Affilorama a Scam?

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Is Affilorama a Scam?


Affilorama is an online program for people to learn marketing. It provides marketing course to its users in the field of affiliate marketing. The name originates from affiliate marketing thus called Affilorama. The online site was founded in 2005 by Mark Ling.

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What is affiliate marketing?

For those who do not know what affiliate marketing is, here is a chance for you to understand it also. Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing in which many companies are affiliated with each other, it could be online and on arrival of the customer, the rewards are distributed among the affiliates who took part in bringing the customer. The affiliate marketing industry stands on four pillars:

  • The owner of the brand
  • The network process to connect with affiliates
  • The affiliates
  • The customer

When a visitor goes to a website and finds something useful on an affiliate’s site. The visitor clicks on it which takes him to the original brand site. On purchase of the product, the affiliate will also get a fixed amount. It works on the principle in which you will get money if someone comes with your reference.

The reimbursement methods for this type of marketing include the following methods:

  1. Cost per click. In which the affiliate gets his commission when the visitor is advanced towards the brand
  2. Cost per sale. In this method, the affiliate will get his commission when the visitor will make any purchase.

Types of affiliate websites

Although there is no particular categorization of this industry, here is the inclusive review of the types of affiliate marketing. Some affiliates utilize pay per click method they promote the merchandise by just suggesting to go to it for better results.

  • Some websites provide price comparisons
  • This category includes pay per sale method
  • Some sites focus on promotions and coupons
  • Website of the merchant
  • Marketing via email services
  • Co-registration. When an affiliate includes an offer and attaches the product from another merchant

How does Affilorama work?

Now that you know about affiliate marketing comes the core question of how does Affilorama work? This online program provides training to the beginners as well as those who are already working and want to know more about marketing. The training program includes certain steps to understand the business. These steps include as follows:

  • Path2Passive
  • Affilo Blueprints
  • Affilo Tools
  • Affilo Jetpack

We will take a look at every step one by one:


In this step they teach you how you can create a compelling site. They teach you the ways to create powerful content to attract buyers and convert the sellers towards your site.

Affilo Blueprints

In this step they guide you to make your own website. They help you in making it attractive the content you should add to it and designing it. The name blueprint makes it a little obvious.

Affilo Tools

These tools help you analyze the stats of your website. It is after the creation of your website. It is linked with the premium tools of Google Analytics, SEMrush and MOZ. It enables to understand how you can stay on the top.

Affilo Jetpack

This pack includes the pre-made website for you to run. It will have the content and newsletters with the Affilo word press theme.

How much it will cost you?

It is not that much costly as one might think. They offer 1 $ program for 1 month and late you have to submit 67 $ per month. There is also variety in all of their programs like:

  • It will cost 37 $ for the path 2 passive program
  • Affilo tools are part of the free membership, they will not cost any extra
  • Affilo Blueprints will cost 197$
  • Affilo jetpack costs 997 $

If this is too much for you then you can find other ways but Affilo provides his services to thousands of people and this site is rated and reviewed.

Pros and cons of using Affilorama

No one is perfect in the world. There is good and bad side by side. Even in medicine there are some side effects. When it is good there can also be negativities in the system. We have gathered some pros and cons of using the website and they are as follows.

Pros related to the site:

  • Free membership with 1 month of 1 $ lessons
  • Free access to online tools to compare your website.
  • Free pdf of the startup guide
  • On the clock help and support centre
  • A forum with 600,000 members
  • Money-back guarantee

Cons related to the site

  • Premium training and jetpack can be very expensive
  • There is low activity rate of the site although there are 600,000 members
  • Some out of date information about private label rights.
  • There are many promotional emails

Is Affilorama a scam?

We are going to clear any ambiguity to understand the reality of Affilorama. Where there is a benefit given to many, some may claim they have worked on the steps to the inch but still do not find any profit. The site can’t be blamed as it has provided help to many. Not everyone can be satisfied. Same is the case of the site Affilorama. Many people have been benefited with the tips but some have not. This site has been working for 10 years and it is a legit site, not a scam. You can enter the program free of cost with free membership and late you can get the help you need.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q1: How does it work?
  • A: It is a training guide on how to start earning with affiliate marketing. You need to get free membership and then start the trial.
  • Q2: How much do I have to pay for membership?
  • A: The membership is free for the program


Affilorama is 100 % legit and not a scam. There might be many other websites available for online training programs but Affilorama is the best choice according to many users. Although it is a slow process but this site has helped many people. It is low cost and reliable website. Where you can choose according to your pocket.

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