Is Appcoiner a Scam?

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Is Appcoiner a Scam?

Internet usage has not even reached its maximum capacity. It is recorded that internet users are only 50% of the world’s population. Everyone can agree that we are now at the peak of the IT technologies development. There are many websites that connect the development of IT to enable people to gain additional income out of it. One of which is Appcoiner. 

What is Appcoiner? Is Appcoiner a Scam?

Appcoiner is a website that claims to provide an opportunity to make money online. You are going to be paid for testing applications and provide review about them. The goal of the app developer is for you to create an awareness about the app, and this way it will lead up to more downloads. 

The site claims that you can earn around $15 to $25 per review. The price is more or less in line with another website that offers you the same job; to review application. 

The only thing you need to do is to sign up by providing your name and your e-mail address. Once you have become a member, you will be asked for a one time fee amounting of $27.  You can start picking up the application that you would like to review from their list of application. The next thing that you do of course to write an honest review. The more application that you tested, the more money you will be able to get. The review will post on a dedicated page that they gave to you. 

The catch is, you are not getting based on the review that you put up. There are three opportunities for you to earn money; you will get paid when people click on the banner ads on your blog, when people click on your affiliate link and make a purchase or when people opt to your email list. This basically means that appcoiner is an affiliate marketing network

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Pro and Cons

There are many pro and cons that surrounds this website. Mainly this revolves around their policies and the way things are conducted on their website. Below is the list of cons: 

  • It is not what it is promised. As has been explained, the website did not monetize based on the review of app, but through people clicking banner ads on your blog, your affiliate link or when people click on the banner ads on your blog. This is misleading from their original advertisement of paying you based on the review that you are making. 

Aside from that, the methods in which you are going to be paid to work the same way as affiliate marketing, which means that you have to have an established online presence to earn money from them. 

  • There is no previous information about the payment that you would have to make. In most of the advertisements that they stated, you would have assumed that you would be able to create an account for free.

Another negative review for this site is that even tho they have a refund policy, there was no one that has received the refund that has been requested. 

  • There are many misleading statements that have been put up on the site itself. The simplest one is that the discount that you would be receiving because your ip address which country you are from. The chances are, you are still going to be able to avail that “discount” from whichever part of the world. 

Below is the list of pros of the app:

  • You are still getting a chance to earn some money. If financial goal is your main goal, then you are still getting a chance to earn some more money, albeit it was not the way that it was being an advertisement. 


Appcoiner is one of the methods that you can use to earn more money. However, the site is misleading since you are not going to be paid based on what they have advertised previously. Is this a scam? Not necessary because you can still earn money in a legitimate manner, and they are still paying you what you are due. There are many other website that will offer you to review various apps to gain more money. These websites do not require you to sign up and pay them any money in order to start working.

There are many misleading ways that is being promoted through the internet. Before joining, you have to be very careful especially if they require you to pay them some extra cash. 

The Internet has offered a lot of avenues that you can earn money legally. One of which is by doing affiliate marketing, like what appcoiner is really doing. The difference is once you really started earning as an affiliate marketer through your own blog, or your own social media account, then you will be able to fully understand the prospect of the business. 

There is a lot of data that affiliate marketers should understand. It is a complex yet interesting job. As long as you have a fluent influx of traffic that comes to your website, then you are good to go. There are various ways that you can do to gain more traffic, and visitors such as organically increasing your SEO, or you can utilize Google AdWords or Facebook ads

Affiliate marketers are paid based on various parameters. There are companies that paid their affiliate marketers based on the traffic that was created, or it can be based on the product converstion rate. The most important thing that you have to do as an affiliate marketer is to do research on the products that you are marketing for. Try to avoid misleading people because that simply means that you are misusing the trust that your audience has placed to you, your blog and your brand. This will result in a decreasing number of engagement and decrease traffic. 

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