Is Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam?

“Dream it, Believe it and Build it!"

Is Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam?

Five-minute profit is a new website that claims that with methods that are quite funny, it can help you earn $519 a day. But not really because if they decide to join, I can see people get hurt.

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Are Benefit Sites Five Minute a Scam? That is one of the concerns we will be addressing for you today. In this review, we will disclose information about the company and who owns it, the products, and if it is legitimate.

The Five Minute Benefit Sites name says all of that. We make it look like you can make a fortune with apps that will build you a website instantly in 5 minutes or less, and then you can receive $500 + a day. The site claims to tap into a $12.3 million loophole. However, the truth is that it’s a complete sham, and with this system, leave alone 5 minutes, you’ll never make that money in 5 years.

What is the Five Minute Profit Sites?

But Especially, Is Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam? Five Minute Benefit Sites is a standard internet low-quality company that has been around since early 2018. About their site, they say five minutes profit site is a “proprietary software” to assist you in creating “high converting websites” and make a huge amount of money on autopilot. In other words, Five Minute Profit Sites is software specifically meant to generate leads as well as sales for affiliate marketing. Through their system, you get your website, the most profitable products to promote, and full support in learning.

To be frank, those are nothing more than propaganda and false statements. The reality is you won’t be designing your website. Just have a pre-made landing page issued to you. The only job you have to do is drive traffic to that landing page to get people into their sales funnel.

This distribution funnel generated by the unknown owner works using the business model of Affiliate Marketing. You get paid when someone buys any products through your link. But in this selling funnel, there’s a lot of vulnerabilities that I’ll show to you.

How does 5 Minute Profit Sites work?

Five-minute gains are a software product that produces a full done-for-you website and makes money by promoting products from distributors. You will receive up to $3000 within three days, according to the selling site.

By taking three steps, you can have a fully operational website and start making money in 5 minutes!

• Connect to Clickbank

• Select Area

• Use Email Marketing System

After that, you’re going to have a fully functional website with an actor who’s a spokesperson for the products you promote.

The website also says that start-up-friendly 5-minute profit sites contain a step-by-step method that will help you get traffic to the website.

Who is five minutes’ profit meant for?

They say they made it so easy to use this program, that even a newbie can benefit from it. And it doesn’t matter what age. Their techniques of cheap marketing are evident. To draw as many people as possible, because yeah-who doesn’t want money easy?

But the reality is different. All of their arguments aren’t practical; there is no automated system that will make you money.

It’s like dreaming about how much he’s earned from passive income. This sounds great, but the word passive earnings e don’t imply you’re not doing anything.

Their training platform seems easy, that is for sure. But it is not enough to start making money online. They do not show you any strategy. They do not show you how to build a website, which should be the first thing you need to start with a sustainable online business.

Five Minute Profit Sites – Price Structure

You buy the product either at or without VAT, depending on your venue. It’s like $37 advertisements with your VAT. You realize by now it isn’t safe. You get:

• Site Building Software

• Copy / Paste content for the $44.40 price–You should be careful here. Google does penalize duplicated content

• Dedicated support

• Free website hosting

• Free traffic methods

In addition to the basic platform, there are three upselling, all together cost $481 more.

1. FMPS Faster Profits Upsell–The offer was for $197 with a $50 discount for $147 to get it. This expects a bigger, faster-profit platform with exclusive parts and product reviews and has more Clickbank commodities partner links than the standard website. As well, they promise dedicated one-on-one support plus free hosting on a faster server and a free domain name.

2. FMPS Double The Profits Upsell–This deal was for $187 and asked you to buy a specialized website, which is what the standard website is sold. Though, they’re doing this only in the niches and not your market.

3. FMPS Traffic Tsunami Upsell – this third upsell is offered at $97 and grantees to give you a step-by-step plan to get your website a tsunami of targeted traffic. However, think the price should have been available to basic members because they’re going to need the traffic to the sites that they create.

Is Five Minutes profit Scam?

By now, that should be very clear. Please don’t fall into the pit of thinking that within five minutes, you will raise $500 in a day; it’s simply not possible.

The only positive thing about Five Minute Profit Sites is that Clickbank handles their payment processing, so you can be reimbursed if you change your minute

5 Minute Profit Sites Red Flags

Unknown Founder

Once you launch the promotional video, a spokesperson identifies herself as Samantha Smith (which, according to the disclaimer, is a Pen name under the picture). She tells you all about how much money you can make with 5 Minute Profit Sites and precisely what it is, but she leaves out one thing. Founder of 5 Minute Benefit Sites I still could not find anything after searching at social platforms like Twitter and Linkedin. I consider that as a huge red flag. Sam Smith is only the 5 Minute Benefit Process spokesman.

Absence of Testimonials

The selling video shows that the team behind the 5 Minute Profit Series has more than ten years of online space expertise, which would mean they realize you need legitimacy to sell things online. You get that reputation from the testimonials.

I find it odd that participants who made money with 5 Minute Benefit Sites have posted no success stories. This makes it appear as though there are no individuals who have gained from the 5 Minute Benefit Sites.

The only stuff similar to that is PayPal samples about how much they’ve done in the past two years, but there’s not enough sense to figure out where this money came.

$12.3 Million loophole

Affiliate marketing isn’t just a couple of individuals doing something. Every year, it carries millions. It seems a little sketchy to think that there is some secret loophole that no one has found.

We are revealing payouts from 2017 in the video, which means that this dark backdoor has been around for at least two years. I can hardly imagine anyone ever learned of it.

The live demo

They show a live5-Minute Profit Sites demo in the video in which they make the whole website and show you how the website made $3000 after just being online for a week.

I have a problem with their live demo. You can choose your domain name in the live demo, but you can also build your domain. I find this odd because in only 5 minutes, how will they create a logo for that area, and get a spokeswoman for it.

I realize you can do a lot online nowadays, but it seems like a challenge to get actors to make custom made videos and upload them in 5 minutes while making the rest of your website too.


Are you still curious if Five Minute Benefit Sites will help you make money? I think it’s obvious that with this particular product it would be very difficult to make any kind of profit. Also, for one reason, it’s one of those goods that are out there, and that’s a benefit for itself. Do you ever see how many upsells they have? With no solid results, you can easily spend $1,000.

Also, because the price went from $37 to $0 means people are no longer interested in this program. But FMP owners try their bit by giving the seven-day free trial to get as many customers as possible. Yet note to use your credit card, too. For goods of such low quality as FMP, it is quite reasonable for them to adjust the logo, or sometimes the product name because it may seem like it’s a fresh one. Though, they just rehash the old one and market it as a new one. So I don’t recommend Profit Sites in five minutes. You’d better save money.

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