Is Get Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

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Is Get Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

Social media jobs are working opportunities attached to social media platforms. It is a unique employment opportunity that has become a huge part of many companies.

So what are the main roles of social media jobs?

The individuals assigned in this particular area usually work in a few key areas. The key areas are:

  • Content creation: They create content that will appear on the company’s direct pages. An example is sending a tweet on Twitter and posting on Facebook. The content is meant to open up conversations with the audience and get them talking about the company.
  • Managing social media accounts: They answer customer queries on behalf of the company and generally manage all conversations on all the platforms.
  • Creating marketing campaigns: These are campaigns that are geared towards a certain business goal. The goals can include increasing sales or increasing the company‘s website traffic. Having gone through the background on the basics about social media management, let us look in-depth what get paid social jobs are.

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What are get paid social media jobs?

These are freelance jobs offered to individuals on job websites. They essentially offer the freelancers job linkages that involve managing social media accounts and providing expertise on the overall social media strategy of companies.

Is get paid Social Media Jobs a Scam? Here are the reasons why this may be a possibility.

  1. Information: You have come across their advertisement relaying that they will provide information that will help you understand what the social media role will entail. They offer definitions of social media management and explain the different roles that are easy to perform. It entices the reader and makes them think that they can fit right in. If you expect to get some specialized kind of training, it probably won’t happen.
  2. Anyone who knows how to use social media is eligible: The majority of the global population is on social media. This does not mean, however, that we are experts in the little details that make up social media. The reality is, there is a world of difference between a person who knows how to use Facebook and someone who converts followers on Facebook to customers. Companies are investing in social media management to reach out to a global audience. They are looking to expand their markets, but to also get closer to their customers. For these reasons, companies will be looking to hire the best talent. A person who has more skills than just the knowledge of Facebook features. To gain success in this career, one has to learn how to catch the eye of the customer online and work towards making them a repeat customer. Their popular advertisement says that if you know all these platforms, you can do the work. We have established that it may not necessarily be the case. Therefore, the idea that everyone can freelance for social media management is a red flag.
  3. Payment for access to jobs: They let you know that jobs are always available and found worldwide. Many companies do want to increase their online presence and it is a global phenomenon. The thought of paying a fee to get access to the jobs may put off a lot of people. There are free job boards where freelancers can chat directly with clients thereby increasing their rates of success. On get paid social media jobs, the promises are a CV upgrade and a link to potential clients to increase the chances of success.

4. Overselling their service.

Every company has the right to market their product. Get paid social media jobs are excellent in their marketing strategy. They make videos of young people talking about their newfound financial freedom through these platforms.

As young people, we would love to find our financial freedom sooner than later. They also show a few freelancer’s screenshots of huge PayPal payments made after successful employment. Showing big money is quite the crowd-pulling technique. With all the negative speculation ticked off, it is only fair to check the positive side of it.

Positive Aspects

1. Money-back policy. Should a freelancer feel that they are not acquiring the benefits they had envisioned in the first place, they get back their money after 60 days. They do not seek to know the reason or nag about it. It is a great policy that shows that they may not necessary scam a freelancer out of their money. It is our nature to pull out of something when our expectations are not met and especially, where there is money involved.

2. They sell real service: Social media management is a real service. It has a huge global market for the right kind of skills. If a person feels that they can use the platform to find jobs, they should focus on enhancing their skills to get the right employer.

3. They offer training: It may not be as tailored as we would like it to be, but they make the effort to elaborate on the kind of jobs one should expect. Jobs like leaving comments on YouTube videos, and replying appropriately to comments across all networks.

Is get paid social media jobs a scam?

The legitimacy of the idea behind such a platform can be debated for years to come. Its appeal and allure glare at hopefuls of a better future. Who would say no to a career that paves way for a salary to do what you already love? Staying on social media all day.

It all depends on whether they speak to your heart. If they sell the product and you understand what they are selling, then you will probably think they are not a scam. The people who have grown their careers through these jobs are a testament that it works.

However, if you focus on the aspects that don’t bring a bright light on these platforms, they may appear a scam. I would recommend that you try the platform and find out if it really works. Then share the truth.

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