Is Sqribble a Scam?

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Is Sqribble a Scam?

Sqribble is a software that helps in creating e-books, white papers, manuals and other important documents in a record short time. It was created by partners Adeel Chowdhry and Ali Chowdhry. Adeel is an internet product innovator and entrepreneur who has launched other successful products such as Clickbank. It is said the development of Sqribble took a full year and the budget went into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It was not the first of its kind in the market. However, Sqribble superseded the competition by far through its unique features. What are its unique features?

1. Great covers

The content of an e-book may be top-notch, but without an eye-catching cover, it may look misplaced on platforms like Amazon. Sqribble has a wide array of great covers to choose from. They make the e-books stand out and give them a professional look.

2. Flipbooks

This interactive feature allows a creator to turn a ‘normal’ digital book into impressive flipbooks. The pages get to turn like a tangible book. It is a captivating feature that makes digital books that much more fun to read.

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3. Content upload

The feature allows the transfer of content from any source on to the book. This is uniquely revolutionary. The source of content could be a word document or a web page with the content you require. It facilitates time-saving and allows everyone to create digital books. Yes, even the people who hate writing.

4. No page limitation

You can create as many pages of content as desired. This means it is appropriate for huge documents such as company reports and manuals.

5. Headers and footers

It automatically adds headers and footers on the pages of the book. These features will enable a creator to add extra details on the pages such as logos and contact information. This is an excellent feature.

6. Custom-making features

An e-book that screams its uniqueness is one that combines color themes, fonts, and layouts that go along with the information on the book. Not so many book creators can allow for all the above customization. Sqribble has the feature and it is amazing.

7. Cloud-based software

It has all the software needed to accomplish the creation of digital books. You will not find the need to download any other software to facilitate its functions.

8. Automated table of contents

Everyone knows how tedious it is to create a table of contents from scratch. Here, the process of creating the table of contents is automated. It has themes of its own and is completely editable to the delight of any creator.

9. Automated numbering

The numbering on the pages is also automated making the publishing of any professional document that much easier. With all these features and so much more, Sqribble is above the rest. It is a problem solver meant for this century.

E-books are important marketing tools for products and services as well. To create content in the shortest time possible is a welcomed addition in any company.

Who can use Sqribble?

1. freelancer/bloggers

The software will come in handy when creating documents such as whitepaper, reports, and e-books. It will save them time and the end-product will impress their clients.

2. Digital marketing teams

They can create marketing materials that will increase company sales in quick turnaround time. The material can also be customized to generate leads for the company.

3. Authors

The creative writers can use the software to create their books. They can create helpful content for sale on platforms such as Amazon. The books will have great features such as flipbooks which make them more attractive to potential customers. They can save more money by not hiring out help because the software is easy to use and the books can be created very fast. For example by transferring content from other sources

4. Email marketers

Email marketers can create E-mail lists that are an important communication connection between them and their customers.

Is Scqribble a Scam? Let us carefully look at the advantages and disadvantages of the software.


1. Time-saving: This is a give-away. The creation of digital books can take time and money. With Sqribble, you can create a book in a matter of an hour if not minutes. Everyone wants to maximize their time and not scratch their heads trying to figure out how to do stuff.

2. Easy to apply: The software is easy to use and has great features that create professional and unique documents. The documents can be used to increase sales and more traffic to your sites.

3. Affordability: With a price of $47, many companies and individuals can purchase the software online and use it in creating their documents of choice. With all the features that one can enjoy, the price is worth every penny.

4. Cloud-based: The software is cloud-based. It, therefore, means you can comfortably use on any device from a PC to a mobile phone.


It has up sells: This is not surprising as many products tend to have extra offers around them. For Sqribble, there are four up sells that have extra unique features for extra fees.

For example, Sqribble Fantasia goes for $77. It has intelligent and 3D cover creation technology. That is about it for disadvantages. This shows how impressive and invaluable the software has proven to be.

IS Sqribble a Scam?

No it is not. It a life-saver. All the advantages that it brings make it the most versatile creator of digital documents. Investing in this software is a decision that should be embraced in all organizations. The turnaround time for creating documents will save the company money and time in the long-run.

I would recommend trying it on your next digital book creation project and enjoy its features. Many have attested to its brilliance. Don’t get left in the headache-based digital creation space. Rather, enjoy a tested product that has literally changed lives.

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