Is Take Surveys for Cash Scam?

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Is Take Surveys for Cash Scam?

Surveys are a method of collecting data from a specific pre-determined group of participants. Online surveys are, therefore surveys that the respondents can give their answers online.

The questions are created on a web form that is device-friendly. The respondents can then answer the questions on the device of their choice. Over the years there have been discussions on whether online surveys are a legitimate way of making money. There are two groups of people here, depending on the experience they have had with online surveys:

There is a group of people who have successfully earned cash and are still earning money from online surveys. There is the other group of individuals who have been scammed by online fraudsters. The fraudsters create online survey sites as a front to hide the fraudulent activities. How then can we finally conclude on whether they are a scam or not?

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Let us move a step a time.

The process of joining an Online Survey Site

Every time you search for the easiest online jobs, surveys tend to be part of the list. Advertisements selling the same idea all over other search pages, you cannot run away from them. Eventually, you give in without a thought and sign up to the advert of the day.

The process of joining an online survey site should have the following steps.

The process

The company will have pasted a direct web link in the advert. Upon clicking on the link, you will be taken to their website. Here, you will leave your email address upon which they will send an activation link.

To activate your account, you click on the activation link on your email. You will be redirected back to the site. You can then answer some profile questions in detail. Upon completing the form, you then submit the details at the bottom of the page. The registration process is complete. Easy right? The details therein, are meant to shield you from surveys that do not fit your profile.

What are surveys meant to accomplish?

  • Companies want to get feedback from product testers on their prototypes.
  • Getting the respondents’ opinions about politics, the general state of living and other social issues.
  • Customer feedback on new products.
  • Testing new markets.

Why are online surveys a popular way to earn money online?

  • The questions are easy to answer.
  • They are a convenient way to earn money from home.
  • The surveys are sent via email.
  • The questions are about a product that the respondent cares about.
  • Respondents want to be part of building a brand by offering opinions and participating in product testing.
  • They are a fun way to get free products.

Is take Surveys for Cash a Scam?

Online surveys are a legitimate method of making money. There are hundreds of online survey sites that offer cash rewards.

Here is a list of such sites:

1. Onepoll: They have nice short surveys for products and any other viable topic. They pay a bonus of 5pounds just for signing up. The earnings are between 10 cents to one pound per survey.

2. Swagbucks: They are one of the largest online sites in the world. They pay in cash and in-kind as well. The items include prizes and vouchers.

3. Pinecone Research: The company conducts surveys, product testing, and focus groups. They are known for their credible results. On average they pay $3 for each survey.

4. Cash Crate: It offers surveys for 1-5$. They pay via checks after a respondent has accumulated a balance of $20.

5. Darwins Data: They offer surveys for $5. They also give Amazon gift cards as rewards.

If all these sites can help people make a few bucks, how come then, some people are still apprehensive about online surveys?

It is because online scams are real: Some sites have scammed victims out of their money.

How do you know an Online Survey is a Scam?

1. They ask for a fee: If you come across a site that asks for a fee to get the surveys, that is a scam! You should not pay to give your opinion. Instead, the company should pay you for taking the time to give your opinion on any subject matter.

2. The company does not have a proper disclaimer notice on the site: A legitimate company should have a clear disclaimer and notices page. If you notice there is hardly any information that can constitute a disclaimer, then leave the site immediately. It is not worth your time.

3. Advertisements that show huge paychecks: Online surveys do not pay huge amounts of cash. It takes time to accumulate even $100. If you come across banners that read, ‘get paid $3000 per month to fill online surveys’, it is probably a scam. Learn to appreciate the process of accumulating $3 per survey over a few months and it will help you notice scams from a mile away.

4. Always trust your instinct: There are times when your gut has saved from really tricky situations. You should listen to your gut, even more, when it comes to some online survey sites. If it appears to be too good a deal, then you are right, it is.

Is take surveys for cash a scam?

Yes and no.


There are good and legitimate sites that have built a reputation over the decades. They have dedicated their time to perform good consumer, social, and political research as well. It would not be right to put a scam blanket over the online survey companies.


Some sites are created in the name of online surveys but are meant to scam people of their money and time. You can make use of sites such as to check whether the site has been mentioned as a scam. The site records all mentioned scams by individuals. Therefore, it is a good place to start.

Sadly, this noble job has been plagued by a few fraudsters. Research is important for better planning and improved products and services. All in all, do not be afraid to make money on online surveys. Many are genuine and they would love to hear your opinion. So, go for it.

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