Is Vogenesis Scam?

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Is Vogenesis Scam?

Vogenesis is a company that has created a program that helps voice-over artists in their quest to create thriving careers. The initials Vo are letters that stand for voice over. Vogenesis is owned by Jenny Lewis.

Who are voice-over artists?

These are people who provide their voice for different types of audio work. The pieces of audio work can include commercials, documentaries, audiobooks, cartoons, and videos. If you think about it, we probably hear the voice-overs so many times in a day. The commercials and cartoons on our radios and televisions provide the best interaction we have with voice-overs.

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How popular is this career?

Voice-over jobs has increasingly found its ground due to the expanded digital space opportunities and unique marketing strategies. People post videos on YouTube every day. To make fantastic videos they will require excellent voice-over artists.

How then can a voice-over artist make sure they are ready for the opportunities that keep springing up?

This is where Vogenesis come in. Jenny Lewis has created a course to help in training voice-over artists and finding voice-over jobs. For a fee of $39.95, you get access to an e-book and 15 videos.

The videos are short, from 2-5 minutes mainly discussing the skills needed on the job. They also go into detail on various technical capabilities that an artist should perfect to get viable jobs.

The technical aspects that the training emphasizes include:

  1. Setup of equipment for maximum quality of audio
  2. Free software for audio editing
  3. Techniques to eliminate awkward pauses and other noises.
  4. Creative ways to do script analysis for great a delivery.

The e-book provides important information such as websites that post openings for voice-over jobs. It also provides tips on voice control, sound convincing and much more. The e-book and videos provide valuable information for any artist to work on their weak points and increase their chances of making it a full-time career.

In this job, an artist should take care of their health and body. The quality of voice heavily depends on a healthy body. Jenny has taken the time to create viable content. When it comes to marketing, the e-book is awash with great ideas. They include:

1. Finding a talent agent

A talent agent is a person who represents a client and works as an intermediary between their client and the employer. Jenny emphasizes the need for an agent. This is why you need an agent

  1. They find the right jobs for their clients
  2. They do all the negotiations and come up with the best deals for the clients.
  3. They look for the best trainers for your client’s voices.
  4. They make invoices and collect salaries for their clients.

If you don’t have an agent, no worries. There are techniques provided that prove important when negotiating your fees. You will also learn how to prepare for interviews and get that dream gig.

Suppose you want to set up your portfolio?

The resources provide directions on how to set-up your voice-over website, what kind of material you should upload on it to attract clients. Clear and quality audio recording samples should be the focal point of such a website. Once the website is complete, you also learn how to use it as leverage when bidding for jobs on job boards and interviews.

There is a lot of encouragement for new artists to venture into the voice-over industry without fear. Experience is acquired over time and with the help of the resources, the author assures them they will not lose their way. They can use the links provided in the e-book in finding recording equipment, good coaches, good audio gear and directions on how to set up a studio in their own homes. How great is that?

Jenny goes on further to let all artists know that there are no shortages of voice-over jobs. Artists should get ready to keep learning and adapting to market needs.

Is Vogenesis scam?

Let us look at the pros and cons of the program.


1. Detailed information on specific topics: The author gives genuine tips on many topics with as much detail as possible. For a training program to be deemed successful, a reader must feel transformed by newfound information. Any artist that takes this training will find valuable information that will propel their careers.

2. It is affordable: The price of 39.95 is affordable for anyone starting out. You will find the price is in tandem with the information provided.

3. Money-back-guarantee: There is a money-back guarantee within 60 days if the resources do not give you the information you needed.

4. Voice-over jobs are a real service: The training provides information on a real career that has great influence in major industries such as the entertainment world.


1. The information is also online: It is possible to find most of the information in the training elsewhere online for free.

2. Making it look easy: Like any other job, it is not easy to break into the voice-over industry. The videos in the training make it look easy while there is a lot of groundwork that needs to be laid for a successful career. 

3. Shallow job boards: The job boards provided in the e-book may not have as many opportunities for work.

Having considered all its training aspects, I would say it is not a scam. The information may be shallow, but it genuinely points a person in the right direction. The program is not overpriced, therefore you get what you paid for.

You should sign up for the training, use the information as a start for accelerating your career. With time, you will grow and learn more about the voice-over industry through different jobs that you take up. Any information is power. It is what you do with the information in hand that determines your next landing. Make the best of it.

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