Other Legit Ways To Work From Home

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Other Legit Ways To Work From Home

Would you like to start a business from home and to know which job suit you? Or have you lost your job and are you tired of being an employee for someone else and want to start your own business? Well, I’ll try to list all the most interesting and profitable jobs you can do from home.

If you spend most of the day at home, perhaps because of your young age or because you’re a full-time mom, this guidepost may give you an idea for a job at home and earn some interesting money.

Of course, without the necessary preparation, everything can be complicated and difficult (if not even risky!) but once you have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills, inventing a job is not at all as complicated as it seems. Let’s take a look at the list of the best activities you can do from home.

Work from home online with your PC

If the idea of working from home fascinates you, all you need is a personal computer, desktop or notebook, and an internet connection. Today you can find a job online and do it from anywhere remotely, thanks to the resources of technology. Think of the many freelance professionals, but also the office workers who opt for teleworking (smart working). You can find a serious job to do at home, that’s for sure, and I want to show you only those activities that can really help you make a difference (forget about surveys, apps and other things to do at home).


With your computer on your feet, your motivation skyrocketing and a pinch of talent, read the list of the most lucrative activities you can do at home in 2020 and get to work.

Does working from home involve risks?

All homework was generally an unprofitable opportunity. And once the internet came along, to find a good job online from home, you had to get away with one scam after another. For some jobs, you even had to buy “Starter Kits” for hundreds of euros, or very expensive software that did not guarantee profitable sales at all. Another of the scams, or pseudo-scams, of working from home was represented by pyramid systems, where more than selling products, members were asked to recruit new members to the system.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case, or rather on the internet, there are still scams, but fortunately they have been buried by the hundreds of real job opportunities that can be found online.

Unemployment and Online Work

New technologies and the birth of social media have caused a new wave of work to come from the web. The labour market has changed and if you are still looking for a job, you should integrate new skills as soon as possible that will allow you to get a job easily.

1) Professional Trader

It’s the most profitable of all the housework. But it’s also the riskiest!
Trading is certainly not within everyone´s reach, remember that it´s always important to have a good knowledge before venturing into trading. But many self-taught traders after studying and attending courses (even online) have had the opportunity to start their own business by earning money with equity investments.

Even if many people think that a home trader is not a real job, well… they are wrong, the hours a trader has to spend sitting in front of a desk, the study that is the basis of every single trading operation and the earnings that you often take home, make the trader a real job, from home!

Free Training to get started

Start with free training through which you can begin to understand how trading works and what strategies you need to follow in order to work in the industry.

Best site to start with?

Online trading is a proper job in every aspect, moreover, unlike any other profession, to be able to start “living from trading” you need to sacrifice not only a lot of time but also your capital. If you are a novice we recommend you to rely on a broker like eToro, the first reason is because of the security and reliability of the platform (regulated by Cysec and registered in the Consob register). The second reason is about the copy-trading and social-trading section of the site.

What does Copy and Social Trading mean? If you are a beginner of online trading you can copy the best traders on the site with just one click. You just need to scroll through the list of the best traders, decide the risk you are willing to take and copy the best trader’s trades.

2) Freelance Copywriters / Writers

The boom of content websites, online magazines and corporate information pages on the web, has created a job offer oriented almost primarily to the figure of the Copywriter.

Who is the copywriter?

He is a content creator, a writer essentially, who thanks to good writing skills and basic knowledge of SEO (techniques for placing an article or site on Google), is responsible for creating articles, posts and content for websites. For people like me, working in this environment, I can assure you that this is one of the most sought-after working figures on the web. The Copywriter is basically the home worker par excellence. All they need is a computer and an internet connection.

Where can I find work at Copywriter?

Search job ads sites such as Indeed, Monster but also generic ones such as Kijiji, I am sure you will immediately see hundreds of ads from many companies looking for copywriters. Also register on freelance platforming that I have already mentioned as Fiverr.com and Freelancer.com, which I will talk about later. Here you can find many potential customers willing to pay you to write short descriptions on their websites, or 500/1000 words articles.

ACTUAL GAIN: A copywriter is paid from 10 € up to 50 € per 1000 words article (depends on the topic)

3) The Translator

Most translators do their work from home. I know a lot of language graduates who have difficulty finding a job, yet all it would take is a little bit of effort to find hundreds of offers available on the various Freelance sites of companies looking for translators for web content and entire websites: Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com and UpWork.com.

Please note: the work of a professional translator is serious work that cannot be replaced by a translation on Google Translate. The work to be translated (especially on Fiverr) generally refers to very simple and elementary translations. We know very well that Google Translate can never be reliable as a “professional translator”, especially for very technical texts.

Don’t you want to use the working platforms?

The alternative is to create your own website where you can show your skills as a translator. Try to position yourself well on Google for keywords that have to do with the translation of texts and insert a contact form on your site. If you are well positioned, you will surely receive a lot of translation requests that you can do from home.

EFFECTIVE GAIN: on average 5 € every 500 words for 1/2 hour of work (depending on the difficulty of the text to be translated).

4) Social Trader

The Social Trader is a new professional figure born in recent years thanks to some trading platforms (eToro on all). In practice it is an activity very related to that of the trader we were talking about in the second point and will allow you to earn not only from your investments (purchase and sale of shares), but also from the number of people you can involve with your trades.

How does it work?

I will try to better explain the role of the social trader. As I have already explained, allows you with a single click to copy other professional traders, this means that if you are not good with equity investments, you just follow the best trader or in any part of the world and copy his investments. Just think that you are a trader who has made more than 100% profit in a single year.

Obviously these “Social Traders” receive commissions in return from the platform, the more “copiers” they have and the more they earn. So, if you become good at work #1, go straight to work #4 and try to become a Social Trader.

5) Social Media Manager

Every company now has its own Facebook page or Instagram profile. It is difficult in 2020 to find a self-respecting company that has not exploited these channels of communication. Think about the possibility they have of being able to advertise at no cost (or almost) on facebook reaching millions of people without having to spend money on old media. Certainly not all companies have professional figures who know how to take care of the corporate image on social media without doing damage! Here comes into play the Social Media Manager, the professional who can take care of fan pages and social profiles of several companies from home.

6) Data Entry

Almost all companies need people to enter all kinds of data into their systems. Think of all the information that needs to be entered into management software to keep track of inventory or shipments, or to create business plans. And since all these activities are carried out mainly in front of a computer, you no longer need to physically go to the company, but you can enter data directly from home. Try looking for a data entry job on: CareerJet

EFFECTIVE GAIN: Companies pay a salary ranging from 600 € to 1200 € (part-time/full-time)

7) Professional Blogger

With social networks, it almost seems as if the world of bloggers has taken a back seat. Some of them built an empire, like Neil Patel for example! Certainly, in this case, it’s one of those jobs where you “do it yourself”, without an agency or a company behind you, the blogger who earns money is the classic “entrepreneur of himself”.

If you have special interests, if you are good at a business, or if you already have a profession and can write well, why don’t you try working from home as a blogger? You could open your own website about recipes, wellness, home life and much more: the limit is only imagination.

Open a blog is easier than it seems, online you will find a lot of useful information to do so and the earnings will not be long in coming. You just need to insert Google Adsense banners inside your blog to get from 0.10 cents to 2 euros for every click received by your visitors.

How do bloggers earn money?

Through advertising or affiliations of course. Within your blog, you can insert banners where, for each click hosted by your site, you could receive from 0.01 to 2€! In addition, professional bloggers, if well positioned on Google or in the various social networks, are contacted directly by companies to review or sponsor their products. Example: If you open a blog where you review video games, companies will compete to get a space or a review on your pages.

EFFECTIVE GAIN: Here too the profit depends on how good you are, it can range from 0 € to 10 million € per year.

8) Call Center from Home

How many companies or professional firms need a telephone assistant or a secretary? Or think of all those eCommerce websites that offer a telephone support service to customers. Well, here is a job that anyone could do from home: all you need is a phone, a computer and… your voice!

Don’t you find job offers like that around?

No problem, try sending an email (no spam I recommend it) to an eCommerce and propose your job. Obviously you’ll want to make a good impression from the first email, so prepare a personal website where you show off your communicator skills and you’re done. Online you will find many services that allow you to create a site for free or for just a few euros per year.

9) Open an online store

Have you ever thought about opening your own shop? Thanks to the network, today anyone can open an online store and sell products, either of their own production or others.

You can also buy and resell goods that you don’t produce yourself. This mechanism is called dropshipping and consists of:

  • Finding a big supplier available to the affiliate;
  • Opening an online store to sell your products;
  • Earn a commission from every successful sale.
  • There are platforms like Shopify that already offer you all the tools available. Otherwise you can create an e-commerce starting from the creation of the website, but here you must have a technical knowledge base.

Do you have a particular talent for creativity?

You can sell artefacts on the internet, packaged and bagged directly from your hands. In this case, you could take a look at Etsy, the online platform of handmade objects. Register as a seller and you will have already opened your virtual shop.

Or you can opt for classic eBay or Amazon. The latter in particular offers you several possibilities such as:

  • Amazon FBA, a logistics service to sell your products or those of others (in dropshipping);
  • Amazon Handmade, to sell handicraft products online.

Opening e-commerce or selling online is certainly not an easy thing. First of all, you need a precise idea of the product to sell or create, but also a certain management spirit and a certain ability to make ends meet.

In addition, even if you do not have a physical store, remember that there are costs, you have to comply with some tax and not least be able to promote your business (marketing, visibility, etc.).

10) Write and publish an eBook

Do you have a passion for writing? Do you think you have a story to tell? A job you can do from home is to write and publish an ebook, a book in digital format.

To make your ebook you just need to open a text program (Word for example) and start sliding your fingers on the keyboard. Work a bit on the layout and readability (a nice cover, index, chapters, images): your personal book will have to convey all your creative vein. When you’re satisfied, it’s time to convert it to .pdf (or .mobi) format and publish it on an ebook platform. Amazon offers a great solution for publishing and selling books in digital format: it is called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and will allow you to spread your product worldwide.

On Amazon KDP you can publish without a publisher, for free and earn money from every purchase of your ebook (or from every page read by Kindle Fire subscribers). All without moving from home.

11) Create a course and teach online

Teachers and students have learned what it means to work and study from home in 2020, discovering online platforms and tools for learning. The great thing is that you don’t need to be a teacher or professor to give lessons online: you just have to want to, that’s the power of the web.

If you have a particular aptitude or are an expert in your field you can create an online course and earn money from the sale of your courses. The advantage of the recorded lessons is the scalability: once you have created a good package of content you don’t have to do anything else. Your teaching effort will work for you forever and bring you revenue in the months to come.

But for this to happen you need a good platform where you can upload your course. If you want to teach online, I suggest you take a look at Udemy, an established service with over 30 million students worldwide. A nice class to administer your next course, don’t you think?

On Udemy you will find all the tools to create your video lessons and promote your course. You don’t have to create a language, economics or finance course: start with your hobbies, your career or the latest news from the world of work. Do you prefer something even simpler? Open a YouTube or Instagram channel and give lessons online. You’ll offer a free service, but if it becomes very popular you could start monetizing it by inserting Google AdSense banners on your videos or by sponsoring products and services.

12) Selling photos and images online

Do you have a passion for photography? Don’t leave your beautiful shots at home: put them on sale. Newspapers, magazines, agencies and freelancers are always looking for images and photographs for their projects (covers, publications, graphics, etc.). These resources are made available by photographers around the world, graphic designers or artists – check out platforms like Shutterstock, Getty Images or Pexels.

If you have a quality photo archive or are particularly adept at creating graphics and vector graphics, try putting them on sale. It’s a job you can do from home – you don’t necessarily need to take professional shots. Try selling your material on Adobe Stock, the image buying platform run by the creators of Photoshop and Illustrator. For each download of your original content, you will receive up to 35% commission.

Working from Home and Taxes

Work from home, it’s a real job. The freelancer who earns money will have to account to the Inland Revenue for his earnings.
If the work you do at home becomes continuous (so no longer an occasional benefit) and your earnings exceed the annual reporting threshold, you will need to “settle” your position with the tax authorities.

If you work at home on the web, you will have to declare to the state and decide your tax regime (Srl, Srls, sole proprietorship, etc…). Now that you have everything in order, you can start working from home, earn money and finally build your financial freedom.


Don’t declare your first earnings too soon, you’ll risk investing money on something you might not like or not bring you results in the long term.
There are so many online job sites. Just Google a job offer and you’ll be spoilt for choice. To search for a job from home it is essential to have a complete CV and if you have already done some work online, it would be fair to specify it with reference links.

Don’t forget to fill in your LinkedIn profile, which for many companies is really a complete business card on the professional figure to be included. So less paper resumes and more LinkedIn.

Is working at home a scam?

As we said at the beginning, there have been and there always will be “scam jobs on the internet”, you just have to recognize them. There are some steps to take and some tricks to be careful not to run into an online scam.

How to recognize and avoid scams and scams

Look for company contacts: Any company that hires staff to work from home must still have a real profile. Contact the company then and search online (but also on google street view) if the company has an official, real headquarters and if the information about the staff is available and consultable. If you are looking for a job, the others have to pay you: no company will make you pay to give you work, it would be a contradiction!

Scripta Manent: Remember not to make agreements only verbally, but always get a contract, an email or at most a private writing that declare your job.

Working from home has always been the dream of many, and the internet and new technologies have made working from home real and profitable. Of course, nothing is easy and nothing is given away, so if you want to work comfortably from home, you will necessarily have to develop additional skills compared to your current profession, such that you can easily get a new job.

Smart Working and working from home

In 2020, the concept of smart working (teleworking) has definitely entered the common imagination. Working from home is no longer a taboo now, or a waste of time, but is recognized in all respects as an alternative activity to physically going to work.

Not only freelancers and professionals: public administration and companies are also making use of smart working, allowing employees to carry out their work from home without interrupting activities. Teleworking offers all the tools to stay productive, work in a team, promote the good of the company and facilitate the worker at the same time.
So what are you waiting for? Working from home is easier than it looks. Choose to follow one of the jobs we’ve listed and based on your skills, start reading about it online and you’ll see that the results won’t be long in coming.

Where to find a Freelancing Job? Here an Example!

Freelancer is one of the largest freelance websites around, with millions of members who have joined the site over the years. In addition to a large number of users, there is an even bigger problem that has caused the decline in popularity of Freelancer. I’m talking about the number of spam messages and spam clients that the platform seems to attract without having the ability to control this phenomenon.

The thing I said: Freelancer reaches a global audience and helps many small and large organizations to get low-cost services executed, but there is a cost. Let´s talk about it.

Why choose Freelancer?

  • The world’s largest freelancer website
  • Lots of competent specialists eager to work cheaply
  • Practical tools to monitor progress

When quantity exceeds quality

Freelancer claims to have a database of over 7 million users, which is a staggering figure, to say the least. While this was a big plus at first, over the years the lack of control has meant that Freelancer has a lot of spam on the inside, and this is a serious problem for the company. The old saying about “quality over quantity” doesn’t reflect what happens here, as you can get lost in a minefield of low-quality posts and tons of inexperienced candidates bidding to do your job. If you’re happy to receive hundreds of candidates at incredibly low prices, then you’ll be fascinated by Freelancer, but for those looking for a clearer view, Freelancer certainly proves to be a problem.

Here you can find freelancers and employers from all over the world, but the current Asian invasion of the freelance market has flooded the Freelancer market to a greater extent. Most of the active members of the site come from India, China and the Philippines, along with more qualified and reliable specialists from Eastern Europe, who also accept to work at lower costs.

The other 10% are the few highly qualified professionals from the United States who have been working with Freelancers since the early days and who are not willing to let the ship sink. Although they have a higher level premium account and all possible badges available on Freelancer, in most cases they are not chosen by employers who prefer to hire less expensive and less experienced workers. Scams and fraud have become another scourge of Freelancers today. If you hire a good enough freelancer, make sure you have a senior developer or editor who can make those almost inevitable improvements.

They have invented too many extra features

You may agree or disagree with the feature set and policies available on Freelancer, but it is hard to shake off the fact that Freelancer is the website that invented the way other similar platforms work. Despite tons of spam and often inadequate bidders, Freelancer continues to appeal to less experienced business competitors. Various badges, levels and complicated XP systems used for ranking are all things they invented, which other freelancing websites have adopted and improved to eventually outperform the Frelancer.com model.

A maze of buttons and functions

Freelancer’s navigation may seem a bit complicated to a novice user, but in reality everything is very intuitive and, let’s face it, given the many functions that Freelancer has to provide to its customers, there could not have been less menus and buttons. The registration process is simple and you could also skip it by logging in through your Facebook account. You can register as a freelancer looking for work, as a customer looking for services or get an account that allows you to perform both of these functions.

Once logged in, you will be asked to complete your profile, add a portfolio and perform other activities that will highlight your profile and be useful and effective in attracting potential customers.

As a customer, you’ll get tons of offers per job ad, but remember that an important part of these applications are automated and generated by scripts. This is done by freelance slave agencies, which publish as individual professionals and promise to do the job at a sensational price. And indeed they will, but the resulting work, created by extremely underpaid workers, will be of poor quality.

Support is online, but not exactly

Freelancer provides 24/7 live chat support, but in reality this is not a valid tool for troubleshooting, as the assigned operator can easily be “absent” in the chat. However, you can always use the FAQ, which are a great support section, write an email or send a ticket, in this case we will have it:

  • Email support
  • Limited live chat support
  • Comprehensive FAQ
  • No telephone assistance

Fifty dollars for what?

Freelancer, despite his extreme policy, sucks money caused by several extra services as to position yourself higher and higher, also we should not forget about the monthly fee, then abandoning the freelancer to his fate. Initially, you can open a free account, but then you have to pay to unlock more options and reduce transaction fees. The tests available for freelancers are all priced at $5 and more. You can pay to post your ad or place your offer first, or something similar.


There are various ways to pay and withdraw money from Freelancers. You can use a verified credit card, PayPal account, Skrill or Moneybookers to deposit or withdraw funds. The payment protection mechanism allows freelancers to request payment in advance and the customer to request satisfaction in return. There is an entire section on the site dedicated to resolving disputes between freelancers and customers.

The free 1 month trial period allows both freelancers and customers to try it without paying service fees, but of course, this does not mean that you have to work for free. Besides, you always have to pay the freelancers you hire.

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  1. Tia says:

    During this pandemic, unfortunately, there are a lot of people that have lost their jobs and are looking for ways to earn income. There are people who are hesitant to even try to work online due to all the scams in the past, but I have to agree with you the scams are not as bad as they use to be. Your article has given hope for legit opportunities for others to create income and a better life for themselves. 

  2. Shanna says:

    A helpful and comprehensive evaluation of opportunities that a lot of us are looking into right now. In particular, over the years, I’ve dabbled with the idea of copy writing, but never gotten into it because I’m not exactly sure how to do it, and there are too many courses out there that claim to teach you how. Do you have any recommendations of legit copy writing courses?

    I particularly like your section on taxes, even though the details are different for us here in the States. Most work from home sites I’ve come across forget to talk about that, as I think most people looking into work at home opportunities forget to think about it too. Great reminder. Thank you!

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      Copywriting courses are too much expensive. With a good book on Amazon, you will understand more than 2 courses on google!!! For sure.

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    Right now, I regret wasting those 2years in that company as my blog is doing very fine in just 6months.

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