What is 3 Step Method?

“Dream it, Believe it and Build it!"

What is 3 Step Method?


3 step method is an online portal that promises to help you earn 10,000 $ per month. They talk about creating online assets which are a fancy way of saying that they will help us create a website where we can earn money. Online businesses have been increasing day by day. Everyone wants to get rich fast and many people take advantage of this, it is also observed in the case of 3 step method.

How to enter the website

Like many other websites, the homepage of this portal is not easy to understand for many visitors. It is confusing to understand the information given on the web page. You have to pay them 37$ in advance to know about the real deal they are giving. They promise to make you rich in days. They also say that there will be no work on our part other than just 20 minutes online per week. But it is all not true. Online world is a little different you have to put your 100 % in the work.

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Claims on the website

They promise you to make a lot of money online. Which in some cases is true. There are many websites who help in understanding the virtual world. They promise to provide an automatic way of payment for you every week. It sounds alarming. They also promise to help you in creating the online asset which is actually a website. No experience or any skills required as they say. It is all too good to be true. Also, they kind of force you to enter by telling you that they do not have many openings, for this you should hurry and enter the system.

How does it actually work?

The first heads up is that you will not get the information unless you send them your email id. After filling the form and giving them your email it is then they will send you the information.

Here is also another shocker for you. They will not send you the information even after you have given your email. You are asked to submit an amount of 37 $ to receive the tips.

The likely 3 steps of this method are:

  • Make a website
  • Start affiliate programs
  • Attract visitors

Fake and shady points

There is too much in the dark. This website does not give you anything even when they claim it is free it actually isn’t.

Here are some shady and dark points of the website:

  • No information about the owners and the creators what so ever.
  • Keeping the information unless you signup
  • Asking the fee when claiming its free
  • Not giving proper answers
  • Keeping everything a secret.
  • Fake testimonials.
  • Hired staff from Fiverr.
  • High rate of risk in handing them money.

What it offers

The website actually tells that there is a legit way to earn money. They are actually working as the affiliate marketing site. You will find many other portals on the page which will direct you towards other pages and websites where you are told to spend more money in order to get started.

Customer review

Mostly everyone who has visited this page says that they feel it to be a big scam. There are many websites out there who offers free programs in order to teach you the online business skills. But this site actually keeps everything to them and asks for money beforehand. There are many red flags as the customers have stated. Everyone is calling it a big scam. It is not a helpful website at all. They are linked with the Click Bank. It is just a portal to them for directing to other sites.

Pros and Cons

For every website there are many benefits as seen in the area of online market. But sadly in the case of this website there is no benefit. We have gathered information about the site on large scale but there is not even 1 satisfied customer. Those who are shown as satisfied customers on the website are actually paid actors they hired from the fiverr.com.

Cons of the Website:

It is very difficult to think of the start of the list of cons it includes:

  • Shady behavior
  • No return policy
  • No real feedback
  • Payment beforehand
  • False promises
  • No team to work for you

Frequently asked questions:

  • Q1: When can I start with your website?
  • A: It is a free Portal. You can start anytime.
  • Q2: Do you help the American citizens?
  • A: yes ma’am, we do. You should hurry and do not lose a chance because we do not have limitless openings for Americans.
  • Q3: How much can I earn?
  • A: You can earn up to 10,000 $.
  • Q4: How much time do I have to give into it?
  • A: It does not require much of your time. Just 20 minutes per week. The rest will be taken care of by our team.


I hope this review is of some assistance to you. No matter where you are going to spend it is a good habit to search for the person at first and then invest your time and money. With the review in this article, you have come to know about the reality of the site and how they are working. This website is made up of lies and fraudulence. They are giving you a pretty easy job to do where you do not have to give time or money but in reality, they are asking a lot. They are referring you to many other sites which ask for loads of money. They also ask to deposit money in order to get their service. It all seems too good to be true and it really is. Beware of all these scams. Such websites entangle you in the game of words and empty your pockets which you should be careful of.

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