What is a Click Earners?

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What is a Click Earners?

Most people may have come across this term either from a friend or personal adventures. Then you get to wonder what click earners are? Clickearners.com is a platform that claims to offer data entry jobs, virtual assistant jobs, and other jobs that will make you money online. The first thing you come across on this site is the headline about the virtual assistant jobs and a list of freelancing gigs that you are supposed to get through this site. Unfortunately, as you feed in your email and go to the next pages, you can realize that it’s not as it sounds, but it’s more of a digital product that requires a payment to show you anything inside. Right from the disclaimer on the bottom of their page, we can read that ClickEarners.com is a product from Click bank, which is an affiliate network with some scams and legit products as well. The Company’s main problem is that the site doesn’t have any accurate information or the owner who has created it or anyone responsible for the site.

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But are a few things we can find as we check the website that is not so pleasing…

To get the job, you need to be accepted, and if you do, you’ll need to pay a given sum to get the job and start earning. Unfortunately, there is no clear information about this Company or who’s the owner, and that raises some trust issues. Fortunately, Click bank allows people to get a refund if they are not satisfied with the product they bought. On the Help page, it indicates that anyone can get access to the site, get hired for jobs, and promises earnings of $25-$30 dollars per hour. The numbers are not considering that one is a beginner, and they do not tell you who will pay you.

According to the platform, you are going to complete virtual assistant, data entry jobs, product testing, and many other low-paying tasks. The results from these jobs are far away than $25 per hour as they promise. These websites give you worthless lists of other free websites. There are a few examples of similar sites that promise you to provide work for some money, but they don’t deliver in the long run.

How Does clickearners.com work?

For you to get started, you need to register, and this involves giving them your name, phone number, email, and your country. Then the site will ask you some irrelevant questions like how often do you access the internet and whether you are trustworthy and how many hours per week you are available for the job. The crazy thing about this site is that they make you feel lucky to get accepted, and colleagues from your country are in high demand. Trust me, and this happens to everyone as long as they are going to pay the fee. After you become a member, you’ll need to choose one of the two membership options, one-year fee, or lifetime fee.

How to Join ClickEarners.com?

What is needed to be done to join clickearners.com is to provide them your information, and then you pay the fee, and you’re good to go. According to the site, you need to pay the price so they can provide their jobs to you and make sure that only hard workers and legitimate members join.

Who is eligible to join ClickEarners.com?

Click earners accept everyone around the world provided they pay the entry fee and provide their details. However, it doesn’t make any sense to pay to get a job! Many companies out there, such as freelancers, up work, and fiverr, offer free virtual assistant jobs and data entry jobs without paying any fee.

How much does one have to pay to join Clickearners.com?

Click earners have two membership options: 12 months option worth 27 dollars and Lifetime access option worth 57 dollars. Despite their 60 days return policy, something feels not right about it

ClickEarners.com Alarms

Unluckily, Clickearners.com is productive of red flags that make me believe that this website is just a scam scheme.

ClickEarners.com is a Rebranded Website!

Some research has been done on the internet and found out that Clickearners.com has changed their name twice if you happen to visit these two links; dataentrydirect.com and socialmediapays.me you’ll be directed to Clickearners.com! You then probably start wondering why Clickearners.com changed their name twice. But don’t many scammers change their domain name whenever they get exposed, and many reviewers complain about them. It is a major red flag as there have been many complaints from the previous two cites. Click earners are most likely not genuine, and I’m sure sooner or later that they will change their name again when negative reviews start to show up.

Who Is The Owner?

There is absolutely no information about the individual responsible or the owner of Click earners, and there is no sensitive information about the Company. It’s hard to trust websites with hidden owners because there’s no reason to hide your identity of the site unless you are trying to hide something from people. Click earners have no even a single physical address, and nothing proves that this website is serious and trustworthy. It’s essential to acquire adequate information on what is click earners.

You don’t pay to get a job!

Several trusted and famous companies like freelancers are where you can find Virtual Assistant and data entry jobs for free to join. It’s just ridiculous to pay for a service that’s not yet delivered and to which you expect a refund. When anyone tells you that you need to pay for you to do data entry jobs, you better run. It’s essential to understand what is click earners and its importance.

The only good thing about the site is you can get a refund…

The bad things about it are; it has unknown owner, it does make sense to pay for you to secure a job, the site has tons of complaints from users, you don’t get back all your money, their tendency to change names when exposed, fond of lies and it’s a shady website

How Do You Get refunded?

For those who paid for the job, the good news is you can get your money back, but you may not get all of your money since a lot of Click bank operators use a little trick, so you get only a given percentage of your money. However, if you want to get a refund, go to the Click Bank support page and search for the withdrawal option.

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