What is Gold Opinions

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What is Gold Opinions

Big companies have always done regular customer surveys. These surveys are dedicated to research about the customer’s preference. This would allow them to be able to develop their products while keeping up with customer trends. This process is very familiar with companies that produce goods instead of services.

As the internet offers more connectivity, there are plenty of sites that claimed that they can help you earn more money by taking these surveys. One of them is gold opinions.

What is Gold Opinions and How is it Work?

As it has been stated before, gold opinions is a website that claimed that you can earn up to $50 dollars for a premium survey. There are many other websites that offers similar service as well, however, there are no other surveys that promised that you can earn huge amount of money.

To be able to join gold opinions, you have to pay for a $1 price within the seven days trial. If you purchase the membership after that time window frame, then the price of the membership increased to becoming $27 on a monthly basis.

There are a lot of controversies that surround gold opinions. Below is the list of it:

Thirdparty intermediary

Unlike what they claimed, gold opinions is a third-party intermediary between the companies that hosted the surveys and you, the participant. In a layman’s term, you will be paid by these companies instead of gold opinions themselves. You are also not able to take the surveys directly on their website.

Although on the other hand, you will be saving your time because you do not have to search for companies that offer these surveys.


Gold opinions is a product of click bank. Click bank itself is an affiliate marketing program. It specializes in selling digital goods and services between digital content creators and affiliate marketers.

This is one of the most common reasons that people who participated in the gold opinions site had raised a red flag. The reason is simply that a legitimate survey site will not be asking the participants to pay in order to be able to take surveys.

As it has been explained, the gold opinions levy a small amount of money to maintain their site. Aside from that, click bank also owns a couple of subsidiaries, that promises the same promise of earning a huge amount of money. All of these companies have the same design, layout and even sales tactics. This raises concerns among the participants in the legality and framework of these companies.

False promise

The gold opinions are full of false promises to lure the participants in signing up. You will be able to make a small amount of money through gold opinions but it is quite unlikely that you will be able to gain a thousand dollars only by participating in online surveys.

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Although there are a lot of issues that surround gold opinions, there are some good points that the site offer as well:

Additional income

Although they have advertised false promises of earning additional income up to $5000 by taking the surveys, you will still be able to make additional income from this site, given if you are dedicated and is online with a huge time accumulation to be able to accumulate and save that much amount of money.

Money guarantee

The site also has a money guarantee policy. This means you can request a refund for the membership fee of $27 that they requested. The $1 however, is not refundable. The membership can be cancelled by the amount of money will not be refunded back to you.


Like it has been stated above, gold opinions consist of link that points out to another website that had a partnership with these companies. Although you are able to simply search these sites on the internet, by signing up to gold opinions you save time and effort in doing so. However, you should also be aware that there are some of the companies that are identified in the list of survey providers as scams.

Tying back to point number one, this means that the gold opinions can not control the amount of money that you make per month. They will not be able to increase or decrease the amount of money that you pay them for.


Taking online survey is one of the alternative jobs that you can do online. Aside from that, there are still a lot of other opportunities such as becoming a virtual assistant, copywriting, designing, creating articles and many others.

The most guaranteed way to create additional income for you is to open your own blog or become a social media influencer. This a legit way that has been guaranteed by a million others. By becoming a blogger, you can also become an affiliate marketing, the same way that the gold opinions are doing for other online surveys.

Affiliate marketing is essentially a job where you have to promote the product of a certain company through your blog or social media. There are a lot of payment calculations to measure your productivity. Some are measured by the number of visitors that went to their site, some are measured by the number of people who are converted and purchased their product.

All you have to do to be able to become an affiliate marketer is to join an affiliate marketing network. The network will later let you cooperate with a company that knows your audience and has the same target market as your audience.

There are a lot of other online sites that allow people to take surveys as well. If you want to earn a lot amount of money by taking online surveys. They usually pay a very little amount, $0.50 cents for you to take a survey. In order to produce a huge amount of money, that means that you will also dedicate your time and energy.

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