What is IDPLR?

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What is IDPLR?

IDPLR is a private label rights firm which deals with the sales and re-sale of written and other material for profit. It is one of the largest private label rights companies in existence right now. The platform allows a myriad of customers to re-sell the same product, amassing benefits they can keep all to themselves in the process. It is a good opportunity to become conversant with e-marketing and is believed to be one of the easiest platforms for beginners to set out on the internet profitability journey. The applications of private label rights are numerous. IDPLR is a very efficient way to use the content on the site to make a profit, and new ones made by you alongside the IDPLR content can be a good way to get sales on your own personal website, and there is no limit to the number of products you can sell on your site. IDPLR also creates more opportunities for members to make use of its features for a continuous advantage in the online marketing space. There are also media for sale on IDPLR which can fetch you a good sum along with the other content on sale. IDPLR involves you getting a paid membership after which you will be able to access the various features for your profit but there’s also a free option for beginners but with limited options. IDPLR has thousands of eBooks, audio-visual content amongst others to ensure that you get some content that you can resell or get a platform to sell your unique product. IDPLR has it all, and there is also new content being added on a daily basis to further ensure that the users have a selection headache in the course of making use of their subscription or free plan.

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The Benefits of IDPLR membership

IDPLR currently has more than seventy thousand members on its paid membership and counting. These memberships have a wide range of benefits for the user and have different time periods. The digital marketplace was founded by Goran Zinic, an online marketing guru eleven years ago. The digital marketplace offers its members 10 gigabytes of data space on their web server giving you the double feature of having a sales opportunity as well as getting free hosting services for your website. There is also a provision for you to get free web affiliate marketing services such as opt-in features, webpage sales page creator, and also the interface provides you with a sales page to further help market your products. The benefits stemming from a subscription to IDPLR are numerous. You have the opportunity to save your time by getting the content of others to modify and sell as yours, or you could just change a little detail in the product and slap your name and cover on it. You can also save money through subscribing for IDPLR by getting much cheaper work than having to get a ghost-writer or someone behind the scenes to give you the content you desire to make your business a success. The idea stream you can fetch from in IDPLR is also famed for not having the tendency to go dry anytime soon. The ideas you can draw from on the platform can be effectively used to get your business on track and set off newer career possibilities. The site also offers a wide range of products which can be tailored to meet your needs. The benefits are very numerous and can transform your financial profile or get you ahead in the business world. These put IDPLR in a class of its own as one of the most potent online marketplaces for ideas to be constantly generated.

The Paid Plans

There are three different paid plans for the IDPLR members which we will be taking a look at in the event you are considering getting a plan to initiate your sales. These plans are all under the Gold Membership and there is a 3-month plan which goes for $37, a one year plan which goes for $87 and the lifetime plan which has all the benefits sold at $99. The free plan has limits which are not existent in the paid plan; the only difference in the paid plans is that there is a difference in the time range of each. The lifetime plan is considered to be the best as there are no limits to what you can achieve on the site after you make the payment.

Support/Interface/Content Issues

There are notably some complaints that the website of IDPLR periodically has and this issue normally arises from the Supports section. There are also issues with the submission of unique material for members in some parts of the interface. This poses a problem to the company and the issue has received a lot of attention and accompanying negative reviews. There is also the issue of the content available on the website. Since the website’s policy allows the sale and resale of material without any limits, there’s a strong possibility that whatever you want to sell from the site may have already made it into too many hands already. This means that you may find a hard time selling material from the site as it may be free already outside the site. These are the challenges faced by members of the IDPLR community, and this poses a problem to the continuous growth of the platform if not handled promptly and properly. However, in the defence of IDPLR regarding content distribution and sales, there are now provisions to make purchases for private content which have limited distribution and make the over-circulation of a particular product less likely.


IDPLR has some great benefits and these benefits are seen above in detail. However, the glitches experienced by some of the members who tried to make use of their GUI may pose a problem for the growth of the platform if not properly attended to. I hope Goran Zinic and his techies take this seriously as it would help their site in more ways than one.

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