What is Kindle Money Mastery?

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What is Kindle Money Mastery?

Have you downloaded a book from Amazon lately? Are you an avid collector of books on your kindle? Books you feel were written with you in mind?

Behind each of those books are people who have created content and published it for sale on Amazon for your enjoyment. They make money every time you as a customer clicks the button ‘buy’. With the huge Amazon customer base, it becomes possible for them to make a tidy sum of money each month.

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Is Kindle Money Mastery Good?

The description above correctly and precisely describes people who have benefited from what kindle money mastery is all about. It is a passive method of earning income from the sale of published books on Amazon.

It was initiated by Stefan Pylarinos who is a blogger, business and internet coach. He claims that it has successfully created passive income for him. He confirms this by way of showing some of his monthly royalties. He calls it kindle publishing on auto-pilot.

He predicts a 6-figure income from this business model if you are ready to put in the effort. His assurance is that you can create a kindle book in a day and start earning passive income from it immediately. His training has 21 complete modules. It is newbie-friendly and also appropriate for people who love to publish books.

The modules include, (they are in no certain order):

  • 1. Finding your niche
  • 2. Creating a book that sells.
  • 3. How to get Amazon reviews
  • 4. Monetizing your book
  • 5. Tracking and management of your books, among others.

The training kit includes over 30 videos and PDF lessons you can download to read while you are offline. If you feel that writing a book is not your calling, you can find someone willing to write it for you. There are many freelance sites where you can find these services at cheap prices. Stefan has created a pool where he can connect you with writers who will do all the work at a fee. However, if you are polished in book writing, you can comfortably create your content.

You also don’t need to have skills such as internet marketing or highly technical skills to start earning form the model. You just need to create the content, publish it and learn along the way with the help of the resources provided. The training module costs $97.

The fee will unlock the following resources:

  • 1. The 21 video and lessons.
  • 2. A personal toolbox of resources that he uses to run his own business
  • 3. PDF reading resources that can be downloaded later for offline reading.
  • 4. Bonus lessons to provide you the extra strategy for running your business.

Of course, you can be forewarned, once you sign up, you will encounter other products with the ‘extra’ secrets on sale for a fee. There are upsells in the kindle money mastery kit.

For the dissatisfied clients, there is a 100% money-back-guarantee within the first 30 days from the day of purchase. This is always a good gesture. There is always a possibility that some people may implement all the lessons they have learned and not get the results they desired.

We have worked through the genesis of kindle money mastery, learned a little about its founder and the reasoning behind the model. So how can we summarize it?

Is Kindle Money Mastery a Scam?

No, It is not. Basically, It is a legit program that will teach you how to make money through kindle publishing. As with any legitimate business model, you need to put in lots of hard work in the beginning.

The creation of content is all on you. Whether delegated or not, you need to come up with a niche that will sell. What is the point of creating content that hardly resonates with anyone?

Other works that will also demand your time include creating appropriate designs for your books and learning how Amazon works. Amazon is your ‘physical shop’ where you get to sell your books. Learning how to move your books to the top ranks in Amazon is vital for sales success.

Remember, the books you create are meant to give you passive and long-term income. Increasing your expertise in marketing and promotion of your books on all social media sites will help you achieve this goal.

You will realize that even though Stefan does say you can make six figures worth of income, he is aware it may not work for everyone. At the bottom of his kindle money mastery video, there is a disclaimer on earnings. You need to read it. In summary, your kindle business can be highly profitable or vice versa depending on your capacity and the desire to succeed.

What are the Pros of this program?

1. A ready written guide: Stefan has created an easy to follow guide for both newbies and writing pros that will take out all the guesswork. If you are ready to start learning, you just sign up and the resources are all yours. You read at your own pace while enjoying bonus lessons and downloadable content.

2. Money-back-guarantee within 60 days: This applies to the people who feel unhappy with the program and would like to quit.

The Cons

Upsells: It has upsells which may put off some customers. We all like free stuff. Get ready to pay more to unlock the extra tools of the trade in this business.

Bookselling is a business that has existed for many years. However, today we have the privilege of publishing books on global platforms such as Amazon, bringing about numerous advantages. With a little marketing, you can make some passive income with the elimination of any tedious legwork.

The kindle money mastery class calls for exactly that, mastery. Master all the information you need to make your kindle publishing business a success. Then sit back, and let the books make you a smart earner.

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