What is Rich Dad Summit?

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What is Rich Dad Summit?

The Rich Dad Summit is a web-based financial empowerment conference created by Robert Kiyosaki and Anik Singal, and was officially released in 2017. It is a 2-day summit which primarily deals with beginner strategies on how to advance from poverty or bad business outcomes to business success and riches. Rich Dad teaches success secrets to be free from a bad financial situation, struggling individuals in their chosen career, and the guy who feels that giving up is the only way to go. The teachings are offered by the founders in conjunction with other top individuals who have diverse business success stories. These strategies are designed to provide you the necessary information you need to massively build your passive income stream, and turn from a dependent on other individuals or the system for survival to a fully-independent individual. There is also a provision in the Rich Dad Summit where the audience is given lectures on the best types of businesses to embark on in this fast-paced and ever-developing world of ours. The Rich Dad Summit has business start-up lessons, sustenance strategies and outlines the possibility of further business growth. There are also sessions where the lectures are based on the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It is no secret that the founders have a passion for turning poor start-ups who are initially confused about the way to go into budding entrepreneurship and business interests.

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What is in the Rich Dad Poor Dad Summit for Start-Up Businesses?

The Rich Dad Summit is divided into two days of extensive training for beginners on what to do in your business and career to get positive results. The program targets beginners as most thriving businesses may not require the information provided herein. The webinar is one of a kind and has almost a dozen lecturers, if not more who know what they are talking about and have walked the walk to guarantee their own personal and business success in the competitive world we now live in. The first day of the summit is titled Ways to Create Your Own Passive Income. The lectures here include how to build-up long term wealth, getting some extra income from your endeavour, there are also educative sessions on how to be an entrepreneur, the best business ideas and opportunities, business start-up ideas, stock market simplification among other very relevant stuff which could trigger a turnaround in your business and career. The first day also provides you with relevant new business ideas such as digital marketing which is the in thing if you don’t want to die a 9-5er. This information is made available for an upward influence of your business mindset and prepares you for the challenges ahead.

The second day of the summit is strategically titled Ways to Make Your Money Work for You, and this title is suitable for the lectures in this section of the webinar teaches you how to do just that. The second part deals with teaching success secrets, and how to amass wealth through real estate endeavours. There are also sections which deal with information on the opportunities which are provided by crypto-currency, how to use the global economy to your advantage in business development, asset management and security and the benefits for business success and other very important teachings which need a proper application to engender lasting business success.

Are Upsells Involved in the Rich Dad Summit?

There are upsells involved in the Rich Dad Summit but to join these after the webinar is entirely up to you. The Rich Dad Summit 2 – day webinar is sold for $1 on ClickBank and you could get the info you need and decide to stop there. This is rare in humans as you well know it isn’t that much possible to get enough of a good thing. This is why the Rich Dad Summit goes a step further to introducing three upsells to ensure sustained business growth. The Rich Dad Insider is the first upsell in the Rich Dad Summit which runs for as long as you want after the 14 day free trial which will then require a further $67 per month payment. The Rich Dad Insider deals with more intermediate and expert knowledge sharing which cuts across entrepreneurial and business investment lines. The Rich Dad Insider is a monthly course that provides new updates on business success secrets regularly. The second upsell is the 5 Money Rules also by Robert Kiyosaki. This lesson currently costs $97 and is a single payment. This section teaches you asset and investment techniques to further develop your wealth profile in the long run. The third upsell in the Rich Dad Summit is 5 Money Rules Lite which are currently sold for $47. It has a bit less of the larger plan but can give good results as well. The reason why the Rich Dad Summit is still getting more subscribers 2 years after the live webinar ended is because of the potency of the information shared regularly on the Rich Dad Insider and 5 Money Rules programs. These continue to help the business develop and thrive in their chosen niche.


This summit is good for you as a beginner and you can’t afford to miss it. You get to learn from the experts and follow in the same footsteps they took to ensure their business success. This webinar and the accompanying packages cover a wide range in the business and entrepreneurial development world that makes it encompass everything you need for your business to grow and for you to become a Rich Dad, or mum in no time. The $1 dollar 2-day webinar on its own can do a lot for your business and career, and who knows the heights you’ll get to attain if you go much deeper into the business success secrets of the founders and lecturers.

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