What is Simple Social Tools?

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What is Simple Social Tools?

With the rise of social media, marketers are utilizing them as a means to market their products. That is not entirely a false strategy, instead is an effective one. The social media platform has changed. It is not merely a place where everyone will be able to socialize with each other. Facebook, Instagram has incorporated various tools to help marketers market their products and even analyze consumer’s behaviour through each of their platforms.

Not only that they are able to analyze their consumer’s behaviours, but they are also able to connect with their customer thus making it a doorway to multiple effective functions.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media that exist currently. Approximately, it has 1,59 billion users. As the internet is not even used by 50% of the worldwide population, facebook as a tremendous potential to evolve.

Facebook is an online social media company that is based in California. Facebook services utilize the internet to be a gateway to their site.

Facebook advertising has become one of the most effective ways to market your product. You can simply create a page for your brand and product on facebook. The page let the brands identify themselves, not just through listing product offering and services, but also by sharing links, images, and posts. In this way, the brand can truly shine its character and personality.

Not only that, but you can also utilize facebook ads. Facebook ads is a service by Facebook, which allows marketers to do an advertisement for their product by making their product appear on the side columns of the facebook site. They usually consist of a link which allows the customer to go back to your original site.

The reason why facebook advertisement is so effective is that you will be able to target the demographics of your products accordingly. Before you run your ad, facebook also enabled you to test it and set the advertisement’s budget.

Facebook also provides you with various different statistics so that you will be able to measure the performance of your advertisement afterwards.

Simple Social Tools – Review

But the article is not focus on Facebook ads but rather on Simple Social Tools, so the real question is What is Simple Social Tools? How is it work? Is it a Scam? Here the answers:

The simple social tools is a third party website that offers you a foolproof program for you to build and grow a database of your own facebook audience. The system will allow you to be able to boost your traffic as well as your customer engagement, your main goal of having a facebook page in the first place. In the end, it will be able to help you reach a higher conversion rate.

The reason why simple social tools is favoured by marketers because it works with any niche, and is totally flexible for you. This is very useful if you have various business. If you are struggling with a low number of customers and traffic, as well as engagement, this tool might be able to help you solve it.


The simple social tools features a few features that you can use such as Automatic invitation. The simple social media has been incorporated with the ability to mimic human patterns. The platform is able to find out the most suitable audience for you by segregating facebook profile that does and does not.

It will simply add them as friends to build a higher quality based on followers on facebook. This means that you only have to concentrate on creating the content, while the platform helps you to reach out to ideal customers and followers. This will make your content much more interesting.

Pending requests

As a user, you will be able to delete all the pending request in one go. You can also remove unwanted or unresponsive friends very easily. This way, you can keep up and maximize your facebook account performance by avoiding the limitations of your account.

Like content

The idea behind the creation of a simple social media tool is to allow marketers to gain more exposure. The simple social media tools will be able to help you increase your engagement with your audience by liking their posts at a random interval.

Automatic messages

The simple social media tools can send an automatic message to selected people. It will automatically select a handful of Facebook users. First, you have to write the content of the message. The simple social tools will help you to select your own database. All you have to do is to click the send button.

The social media can be used through both PC and Mac. You do not have to download anything because it is basically a custom build chrome extension that can be installed in your browser directly from your google chrome store. After you have completed your purchase, you will get a much more detailed step by step installation guidance.

The publisher also provides a step by step video tutorials to explain how each feature can be utilized to their maximum potential. There are many other investors who had created demo videos to help you to further utilize social media tools. If you are not satisfied with the software, they have fourteen days no questions asked money-back guarantee. All you have to start with is to pay a one-time lifetime fee.


The platform might be able to help you automate several processes that otherwise would have taken time for you to finish. However, the result that you achieve is dependable on various other factors.

You also have to be very careful in using this platform. If your audience gets a hint that your interaction with them has been automated, instead of being genuine forms of interaction then you can risk a chance of smearing your brand’s image on their eyes.


The simple social tools is a very effective tool to help you boost the capability of your own page by different features that it allows. The result is still in your hands. As a marketer, you also need to employ various other strategies on your social media page.

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