What is Super Affiliate System?

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What is Super Affiliate System?

If you have built your online presence and have a business online, you have probably stumbled upon the super affiliate system program by John Crestani. What is it all about? It is really effective to help you earn more money? We will be talking in-depth detail about John Crestani and his super affiliate system.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a successful affiliate marketer from Santa Monica, California. He was originally a dropout student, who had found a way to be successful online. He has created a successful online business selling health products on his website. The website also includes an affiliate network that allows people to join as affiliates and market their products.

Later on, he created the super affiliate system. It is meant to be a platform where he teaches people to gain the same success as he did. His success stories have been featured in various platforms including Forbes, business insider, yahoo finance, inc magazine, and home business magazine.

Affiliate marketing

Basically, affiliate marketing is a business model that allows companies to market their product to influencer, or bloggers. The influencer or blogger will then be rewarded with some financial rewards dependable on the company. Some company measures it by the number of visitors that visited their website because of the influencer, others will pay the influencer or blogger based on the number of sales or revenue that is generated, there are even others who would split the revenue with the affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative field for people who have established their online presence. A successful affiliate marketer can make an income of more than five figures per month.

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What is Super Affiliate system – John Crestani course

There are a lot of courses out there that focus on teaching people how to be an affiliate marketer. One of them is the Super Affiliate System, which focuses on teaching people to be an affiliate marketer. There are a lot of pros and cons of this program.

Super Affiliate System Funnel

The way this program worked is the audience or traffic are directed to John crestani’s regular webinar landing page. This traffic is obtained through a variety of ways, both paid and original. He used youtube ads, facebook ads and even google ads.

On his landing page, the audience will be able to follow an hour-long webinar. The webinar will focus on introducing his business model. The goal of the webinar is to get people to purchase another of his program that is called the internet jetset.

The internet jetset costs about $47 per month. The internet jetset program is a twelve weeks step by step course. In this course, you will be taught various topics such as the basics of affiliate marketing, required tools and software, facebook ads, Google AdWords, and so forth.

The program also consists of jetset live. It is a monthly webinar that is offered to help the audience that needed extra guidance. There are also various tips that are related to online marketing that are available for the audience.

There is another program that is not included in the basic program. That secluded program contains study cases achieve. The audience will have a few case studies on some niche markets and some other marketing examples.


Module content

The module that is offered on the internet jetset is quite advanced. The content focuses a lot on mindset you as a business person. John Crestani also attached some really useful resources such as targeting data, ad swipes, etc. The reason why it is so useful is that if your niche market is included, you only have to use the pre-existing data that has been attached. The niches that were included are hair, gambling, diet, money-making online, bed bugs, blood pressure, credit card debt and many others.

Ads templates, landing pages, and campaign

Aside from the niche topic that has been included, he has also attached pre-built templates that allow people who have just started to get started. However, if there are a lot of people who had been using the templates, then it might hurt your Google ranking.

Money Back Guarantee

John Crestani has a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course, and the material that has been taught.



There are many hidden upsell and upsell campaigns once you have signed up for the program. The program does require you to fill in your credit card information to sign up in the first place. This means you should be extremely careful when there is an upsell option because they are able to charge your credit card automatically. There is even feedback from people who said that John Crestani kept on emphasizing his current lifestyle, his success and his benefit from online marketing. This can also serve as a sales pitch to push people to buy his program.

In the effort to upsell or to sell the program, there are also a lot of unrealistic claims that are given. Most of the email that is being sold to the audience contains encouragement and promise to be able to earn money as easy and as quick as possible.

Customer support

There is no phone call that is being attached to the website as customer support. Instead, any query has to be routed through an e-mail. This means if you are having some trouble, or you would like to send a query about a module, then you will have to e-mail them and wait for the response which can take a while.


There are no tools that are provided within the original course. Even the study case only contains links. This means that the program itself has become an affiliate marketer in away. There is no explanation that is given in how to utilize these links to gain the maximum benefit of it.

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