What is The Commission League?

“Dream it, Believe it and Build it!"

What is The Commission League?

The Commission League is an online affiliate marketing platform which uses a different approach to web profit strategy for increased results. The platform promises its users $200 per day with only 20 minutes of work daily?! We are going to have a look at this claim a bit later, let’s focus on the owner(s) for now. Mike Balmaceda is well known for his work in another affiliate marketing platform Six Figure Success Academy. Mike co-owns the platform with his associates Steve, John and Justin and they are all determined to give you a steady flow of income with little input needed. In this article, we are going to be getting an honest review and nothing less and see if the Commission League is everything it is touted to be. This information is provided for you to give you an understanding of the reality of Commission League with an unbiased approach.

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The training program is divided into five sections

The introductory section deals with the nitty-gritty of what you have to do to get your online marketing strategy on track. This shows you how to make use of the internet to give you profits without needing any initial influential strategy of your own. The platform follows the “get others to do the hard work” approach. It also does not involve having advanced e-mail marketing follow up skills and experience. The second program deals with the training on how to develop a strategy which can earn you at least $1000 per day. This involves making use of the e-mail opt-in and automatic generation pages which will be available to your e-mail subscription base. The Commission League founders claim that every subscriber can give you a dollar every day. The third program deals with selecting the right niche for your business to track how you get the right commission from your online marketing. The fourth program deals with getting information on how to use the internet influencers to grow your content without paying. The fifth program is a ready-made set-up for you to build your online marketing strategy.

3 – Steps in the Commission League

The Commission League follows a 3-Step Method in achieving success in the digital marketing space. Here’s how the approach works according to the Commission League founders;

  • Step 1: Identify the problem that requires a solution which people are willing to get solved
  • Step 2: Get the solution to the problem located
  • Step 3: Become a referral to people who need the solution

These 3 steps are explained in detail below;

The first step involves a bit of research to find the right “problem” that requires a solution. By the right problem, I mean what people need to be solved and are willing to rush to their credit card to get it at any cost. These problems exist but you need a trained eye to be able to see them, and that is what Commission League claims to provide. The platform gives the five-section lessons which have been earlier identified. The second step is to get a solution to the problem located. There are a wide range of solutions to problems on the internet only if they can be rooted out from all the heaps of rubbish that are also contained. This information is what you will use to get your big break. Then the final aspect of the 3-Step Process by Commission League is to refer people who are in need of such a solution through your online affiliate links. It sounds easy but there has to be something extra to make it all work, and that extra is pointed to be the desire for an individual to succeed on the platform.

These strategies look good on paper but…

there are some loopholes which I’d like to point out that maybe chinks in the armour of the Commission League success plan for beginners. Firstly, the platform boasts that it doesn’t require the use of Google AdWords or Facebook Ads in promoting its affiliate marketing strategy and they solely rely on e-mail marketing to get the profits coming in. This may be true but there may be inconsistencies later on if the business which is focused on making consistent profits deliberately avoids the use of the two largest digital affiliate marketing services which are currently available. Also, it is noted on the platform that the services of digital influencers who are most popular on YouTube and other big marketing spaces for their cash for advert popularity work are required, but they go further by stating that you don’t have to pay the influencer to market your affiliate strategy. How this works, I simply cannot say. Another downside to the Commission League manifesto is that the platform needs a whole lot of work to gain an initial boom but this is hidden from their “$200, 20-minute work a day” statement. You have to continuously get subscribers onto your e-mail marketing platform and constantly provide them new stuff on the regular or your registration fee will go into thin air after the 30-day money-back guarantee elapses just like that. Talking of registration fees, the Commission League requires a $997 payment once or in two instalments. Does this mean that you have to work your way up after paying the $997?! This may be a head-scratcher for most beginners who need their start in the digital marketing business to be as consistent as possible.


The Commission League is sure to hold benefits for its subscribers but there are some reasons why it may not be so good for beginners. If you are already in the e-mail marketing business, the Commission League is sure to reap your benefits. However, as a beginner you may need to try out other proven digital marketing platforms to help grow your income stream. Most importantly, it will be helpful to the Commission League founders to provide a better picture of what their services provide to ensure more subscribers to their success plan.

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